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  1. My costs are still zero. Have yet to pay for a charge (since May 1)...:D
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    Nope. I don't do much L3 charging at all. Most of my charging is L2 @ home. I drive 2,500 miles/month and here in MA, National Grid hits me for 24 cents/kWh with no off-peak rates offered. I'm not complaining though, because I was spending almost $300/month on gas for my previous car (a Mazda 3).

  3. Francois

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    Mine is of about $2.50 every 2-3 days (I drive 100km during the week and not much on weekends) so not expensive at all. :)
  4. BlueKonaEV

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    24 cents per kwh is insane.. WOW... I pay 4.7 cents for off peak electricity (16 hours of the day) while on peak electric is just over 17 cents per kwh (8 hours per day)
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  5. BlueKonaEV

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    Hopefully, I'll soon be at ZERO cents per kwh when the chargers at work are installed.. Construction on the Solar Panel garage roof and EVSE's is VERY slow... Workers mostly standing around all day..
  6. 4.7/kWh, wow? What is the source of your electricity in FL, nuclear, coal, NG, or what? How can it be so cheap, even on off hours?
  7. BlueKonaEV

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    It's mostly coal.. Here are our 2 main power plants..



    My provider is:


    I'm on the so called "Shift to Save" Billing Plan.

    4.732¢ per kWh
    17.103¢ per kWh

    There is a monthly service fee of $11 in addition to the electric rates and then there are still taxes on top of that..
  8. Francois

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    I get the same 4.7 from hydro Quebec off peak hours and I think it's 7 cents during peak. I think it is because I am on a dual energy plan where it's heat pump above -minus 15 Celsius and on oil if colder.
  9. BlueKonaEV

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    20+ cents per kwh here in Florida would cause insane electric bills.. The AC alone in a fairly big house runs about $250 - $300 per month at the current rates.. If the rates were 2 - 3 times higher, my electric bills would be $500 to $800...
    We are mid November and I'm still running the AC... 83F/28C right now in my town.. However, a cold front is coming through tonight and tomorrow, we will have a high of only 70F/21C... I will stay cool for 3 - 4 days (70's for highs and 50's for the lows) and then back to mid 80's...

    Screenshot_20191112-140738_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20191112-140801_Chrome.jpg
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  10. My costs, other than cost of the car, are negative. How is that possible? Well I have 6Kw of solar which I have already recovered the cost for during there use in supplying electricity for my house prior to purchasing the Kona. 99% of my changing is from the panels. In addition the panels generate more than I use so the grid buys the rest. If I travel long distance I will use fast chargers but the amount I have paid out for fast charging is about $200 less than I have received from the power company so over all I am still earning from the panels even while driving the Kona
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  11. Our last bill was $546 (2 months usage) incl taxes and fees and that was for 4006 kWh, so 13.6 cents per kWh. There is no off peak rate, so pay top rate all the time. Most of our power comes from hydro which is supposed to be cheap. However, the utility is a provincial govt agency, so is probably very inefficient, and who knows what they actually do with all the revenue (I know the execs and staff go to a lot of climate change conference boondoggles). There is no competition, this is our only choice here.

    And in our house, we use NG for heating, water heater, and stove. Have LED lights throughout. Biggest expense though is our central air (fairly large house) as the cost is about half that in the winter. But still you guys in FL must use a lot of A/C, a lot more than up here in Vancouver, I'm sure.
  12. Yeah, you guys in Quebec have it very good with your surplus of hydro power. Probably make money with exporting to NY, so that helps your rates.

    Here in BC, we have no shortage of water (and rain). But have a huge push back from environmentalists with any further hydro expansion. Our last one (Site C) almost got killed by our current govt (despite all approvals and construction well underway), but in the end they decided to proceed. However, I am sure it will be the last, and after that not sure what we will do, probably just import more coal power (which we have been doing in the past). It's a real shame because we need electricity to get rid of all the polluting ICE vehicles, yet we seem to reject the most logical solution. And BC is the fastest growing province (population) in Canada, so our needs are not going down.
  13. BlueKonaEV

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    We have not big rivers around here, so no hydro power. Florida is mostly Coal and Atomic.. The state has several nuclear reactors..
    There are some solar plants but they are just a small percent of the total.. Florida is a great place for solar as we get a lot of sun but solar takes a lot of land to generate as much energy as a coal plant...
  14. I am in the mountains of southern California we have a lot of wind and solar right near me as well as natural gas. Don't use much A/C. Maybe just a few days in the summer. Just a couple of window unit. Not much humidity here most people use evaperative cooling. Summers are rarely over 85F (29C), winter day times are around 50F (10c) Right now its 73 out side with 15% humidity. a little warm for this time of year but I will take it.
    Mojave solar.jpg Tehacapi .jpg
  15. Yeah, have driven in CA, and you guys do indeed have a lot of wind turbines. Haven't seen the solar panels, but I guess they are not as obvious.

    Here in Vancouver we don't get a lot of wind, just water and a lot of it... There is one lonely token wind turbine on Grouse Mtn overlooking Vancouver. But it is hardly ever moving. They have turned it into a tourist attraction, and charge people to go up to the top viewing station. I'm sure they make more money from that than the electricity it generates.
  16. drivingbythesun

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    Solar for the win! :) I really only charge once a week, as I don't drive too far too often, and most weeks use only about 50% of my battery but charge anyway. I only charge once a week, so it's one high kWh day every weekend.
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  17. Problem in these parts is when it gets sunny (rare occurrence in winter) it gets colder, offsetting the benefit of solar production in range loss and slower charging. I would much rather have the rain and warmer conditions c/w a slight range reduction.
    Summer is of course another ball game :cool:
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  18. XtsKonaTrooper

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    Whenever, i can get a deal on solar, im all in. Cuz hydro is only going to rise more and especially as more EVs are tapping into it. Because, as we all know, the government wants their cut when your not paying for gas or oil.

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