Kochs complaining about subsidies is hilarious

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 26, 2018.

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    There is a new Bloomberg article where Koch claim they are against government subsidies for the rich. Article tries to make it look like Musk thinks the only fossil fuel subsidies are in the form of carbon externalities. But of course this country alone is subsidizing fossil fuels to an artificial scarcity inducing trillion a year and yet fossil fuels are still failing like always due to intrinsic low aggregate efficiency and resultant horrid economics. There is a reason fossil fuels are associated with failed states. But note that the Kochs with their private fossil fuel based firm would be some of the largest recipients of these direct state subsides and about the worst case of the government subsidizing the rich- we can't even say its projection on their part because they surely know this.


    Here is another article (below) where the stupid line is brought up about green energy being "increasingly competitive with fossil fuels-" this is utter BS, green utterly totally absolutely destroys fossil fuel on costs and is a snap essentially instant replacement for all of it- but it cuts the the destabilizing thieving of parasites so its supposed to be a problem.
    This is why we have the BS Trump tariffs on Solar and why we have the same BS Trump tariffs in general simply because a US economy based on fossil fuels cannot compete- it has a much higher cost of goods and must hide behind tariffs. This is the worst most deceptive use of tariffs because they are only doing this to protect the ill-gotten associated assets of people like the Kochs but claiming they are doing it for the public and the middle class to protect 'jobs'- yep to protect wage slave jobs by protecting the slavers- protecting them from competition. All they have is their lies and the increasingly transparent secret energy policy (censorship,) to keep running on, its about all this group has ever had. Throw more money behind the lies etc.

    What kind of society is it where we have to choose among the least toxic bribe takers for candidates? In the article below Steve Bannon says "if you take Koch money (bribe takers)..." then in a very telling way while seeming to reference ALEC or other such Koch groups he says "Let's start holding the Kochs accountable. It's a con job and they are a total scam," Bannon said Tuesday. "They are promoters and it's a total Ponzi scheme. They never raise as much money as they talk about and no one ever knows who their donors are." He also references finding out who their donors are- secret bribe issuers. I think he may actually referencing the Koch business and how much public money it sucks down to constantly prop it self up. Truth about US shale is its all defunct stranded asset that idiotically is allowed to be insured with derivatives that are now secured by depositor assets and pension holdings in financial hostage taking to ransom further subsidies to further hollow out the public sector. This is part of the drowning the baby in the bath water scam where they make people pay more and more taxes that they hand over to people like the Kochs to try to say the public sector doesn't work. See the irony in the Trump admin despite being all about supporting the broader fossil fuel ponzi scheme claiming to be at odds with the Kochs, Bannon tries to say they are ungrateful in the article as well.

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