Kia Niro EV Led Headlight Installation

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by jayc1358, May 16, 2019.

  1. jayc1358

    jayc1358 Member

    I do too but I turned the first one too far and it popped out. Glad you got them installed!
  2. meercatter

    meercatter New Member

    I accidentally dropped one of those black fastener push pins, and it's lost. Does anyone know how to get replacements for that?
  3. wizziwig

    wizziwig Active Member

    FYI, I measured these LED headlights with an illuminance meter and they are putting out about 1/3 to 1/2 the light of the stock halogen lamps. They also have a smaller area of illumination and quickly fall off into that 1/3 range. I have not tested them on the road yet - just in my garage. Will probably be sending mine back to Amazon and sticking with the OEM bulbs.
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  4. Raleigh Ron

    Raleigh Ron New Member

    Do you have any idea how many watts you're saving by switching out the headlights, and perhaps the other lights?
  5. Nirocan

    Nirocan New Member

    I didn’t know this either! Is this the same for the 2017 Ex???
  6. Dale Farmer

    Dale Farmer New Member

    Replaced the courtesy lights and dome lights with these leds, now my interior lights won't go off for about an hour after opening the door and there is starting to be a burning smell (electrical) when I just opened the door. I would not recommend this for the interior lights. I replaced the headlights and am very pleased with them.

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