Kia Niro EV - Airlift 1000 Suspension Enhancement

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Ecobrap, Mar 20, 2020.

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  1. Ecobrap

    Ecobrap New Member

    For those that are considering towing, or utilizing a lot of hitch weight, we installed a set of Airlift 1000 airbags on our Niro EV.

    I would assume the process is similar for all Niro models (not sure about the size), but the install might actually be easier on our EV because we don't have to heat shield the air lines against an exhaust/muffler.

    We used Airlift PN 60901 (link below), and it works well. Less than $100 on Amazon

    PN 60902 might be a better fit (one inch longer, and I think there is room for it), but will be MUCH more frustrating to install, and might require you to drop the suspension altogether...

    Video here, make sure to subscribe for more. We will be releasing a video on our full towing setup (hitch, airbags, brake controller, etc) very soon! (1-2 Days)

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  3. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    Nice job! I installed an Airlift 1000 kit on my old Pathfinder 20 years ago because the rear suspension sagged too much when towing my boat. My niece is still driving it and after 20 years there's never been an issue with that Airlift kit.
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  4. Has anyone bagged their Niro and installed hydraulic lifts? :cool:[​IMG]
  5. Davidmb70

    Davidmb70 New Member

    does the airlift equate to a smoother ride?
  6. Ecobrap

    Ecobrap New Member

    No, the airlift airbags are for additional suspension support (stiffer / more resistance).

    When the bags are deflated, you will feel 0 difference whatsoever.

    When the bags are inflated, the car will feel stiffer with a rougher ride unless weighed down.
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