Kia EV9 Debuts

Discussion in 'Kia EV9' started by Domenick, Mar 20, 2023.

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  1. The Kia EV9 has made its initial design debut, with tech specs to come soon (will add when that happens). It is one of the first full-size, 3-row SUVs and should be a pretty big hit here in the US.
    If you've seen the concept version of this vehicle, you'll know that this production design is very close to that.


    2024-kia-ev9 (1).jpg

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  3. Oh, forgot I should probably share this photo of the second and third rows, because this is kind of a novel feature - the second row seats can be rotated to face the rear. Also, you can see the rear seats can accomodate full-grown adults.

    2024-kia-ev9 (2).jpg
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  4. Apparently not coming to N.A. due to U.S. regulations.
    The 2nd row will now have "Captain's chairs":(
  5. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Active Member

    That article says that they aren't coming to the US. Your post says they are not coming to NA. Which one is it?
  6. It looks like the swiveling 2nd row chairs aren't coming to the US, though Kia seems to hope that may change at some point in the future. So, basically, I wouldn't count on a swiveling 2nd row in the US.
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  8. Kia Guy

    Kia Guy Active Member

    Interesting. I spoke to my dealer (BC Canada) about the EV9 and they mentioned that if I put my name on the list-to-reserve, I'd be about 30-35th in line and that I should not expect to see an EV9 for *years*. Bummer.
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