Kia EV6 Highway Range Test

Discussion in 'Kia EV6' started by Domenick, Jul 14, 2022.

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  1. InsideEVs has put the Kia EV6 to its 70-MPH highway range test.
    The car tested is an EV6 GT-Line with 20-inch wheels. It has a 77.4 kWh battery.

    Spoiler alert*
    The final result was 245 miles (395 km), with an average consumption rating of 3.3 mi/kWh (18.8 kWh/100km). That's about 10.5% less than the combined EPA range rating.
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  3. Thanks for posting this Domenick. Is the EPA range rating calculated by testing with climate control on? If not, there will be an obvious difference.
  4. Johnny Mars

    Johnny Mars Member

    In person, the EV6 looks like a small Porsche Macan. I was surprised how low to the ground it is, which make ingress/egress a problem for those used to higher SUV's like the CR-V. I guess if you double the power and torque you'll have to pay the piper. At least it is one of the more efficient EV's out there. I'm waiting to see how the AWD Ariya does, and I've got a reservation for a Lyric, which should get about 280 in AWD mode. Local dealers are charging huge markups on the EV6's, but my Caddy dealer says no markup, so for a little more moolah, I get a luxury car with better range, Supercruise, and 500 HP. It is supposed to charge at 190 kWh, somewhat lower than the Koreans.

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