Kia Dealers and EV6 VIN locator

Discussion in 'Kia EV6' started by drivewithme, Apr 2, 2022.

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  1. drivewithme

    drivewithme New Member

    If you are shopping for a new Kia EV6 electric car and need some help saving time and money in your search for one of these popular yet hard to get EV6 models, then this little utility program for locating Kia Dealers and EV6 VINs is something you might benefit from.

    Hopefully convenient access to this type of data can help you level the playing field with dealers that are demanding exorbitant markups above and beyond MSRP. By getting your hands on the actual window sticker for any make or model along with the VIN number, you are a more educated and prepared consumer! There is a modest signup/subscription fee to help cover the costs of organizing this data for you and to help keep it up to date in the future, but if you are planning to invest $50k+ in a new electric vehicle, then this tool could easily save you money streamlining the process. If you find it useful, comment below and feel free to make suggestions for improvements.
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  3. I tried this utility program and found it to be handy and worth the $20 which I had to pay. The interface is a bit kludge but it provides valuable information.

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