Kia Access app dead?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by ENirogus, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Try to update info and it doesn't
    Been dead for days, maybe weeks

    Last date it shows is 7/30

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  3. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Guest

    No issue here.
  4. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    It has never been reliable.
  5. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    No trouble with mine.
  6. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    I don't look at it often; in my experience, some days, no problem, some days, just no.
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  8. Mine is reliable, and is working fine.

    The reliability depends more on the reception where your car is parked. Test it in a few different areas. If it is always bad, then it could be the cellular radio in the car, my electric Fiat had this, and of course they told me it was my phone.... trying to tell them that the phone talks to a server, not the car, was fruitless. Finally I had to prove it, and then they replaced the cellular modem and all was fine.

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  9. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Several places it doesn't work, and we have pretty good cell service here
  10. Ahh.... cell service is not universal, many different services, different networks, and this cellular modem is not the same as your cell phone. Different data rate, etc.

    You would need to know what service is being used, and then what frequencies in your area, and then a signal strength meter for those frequencies.

    You cannot assume that the car is using the same vendor and network as your cell phone...

  11. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    I'm in Eastern mass, not podunk

    It didn't work in the parking lot 1/2 a mile from the cell towers for all the carriers

    Or at work 1 mile away

    OR at home

    Probably bad modem
    Only other thought is it might require those software updates I have not done, not that it has bugged me to do so
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  13. There you go, by not working in a number of locations, you have proved the issue is in the car.

    I have never had issues with the internal modem in my 2020, through what now 3 updates.... so I would take it to the dealer.

    (prepare for an idiotic response the first time).

    There must be a diagnostic to see if it outputs, but I doubt the dealership has it, it would need to be a cellular receiver to actually test the RF output. Stick to your guns, it took me a couple of tries for my Fiat... in my case the car could receive, but it could not transmit. I proved the app sent the honk horn command, but never got any data from the car. Again, they finally replaced the modem and bingo worked perfectly.

    I had to avoid strangling people who suggested I do a complete reset on my phone.

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  14. JasonG

    JasonG Member

    My Kia app wasn't updating for a while but I just charged overnight and now it's working magically...
  15. Coincidence. If it's not broken (the car electronics), it's the cellular modem coverage.
  16. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    So last night for the first time since apparently the end of July, the app warned me my doors were unlocked. So I locked them via the app, and viola, it lives
    Tried it at work also and it updated to current mileage and set the door locks

    So perhaps it was a software glitch that I won't say rectified itself but perhaps at some point it resets or something and cleared whatever error was going on

    Obviously still could be a hardware issue, but less likely to rectify on its own
  17. CodysEv

    CodysEv New Member

    Kia UVO app is not where it needs to be to compete against top competitors like Tesla. You see, Kia uses a third party company Called Verizon Wireless to send those remote commands to the vehicle, As oppose to Tesla, who uses their own network. I hope Kia cuts ties with Verizon and uses their own network for their UVO app.

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  18. Tesla uses their own cellular network? Pray tell what is the name of this national cellular network? (clearly you are mistaken, not even General Motors has their own network).

  19. Danhen

    Danhen Active Member

    That's incorrect (and simply not practical as it would literally cost them BILLIONS of dollars to build their own cellular network.)

    Tesla uses AT&T, who recently announced they are ending their 3G service. That's why owners of older Teslas were recently told they must spend $200 to upgrade their 3G modems to be able to use AT&T LTE if they want to continue features like cabin pre-conditioning, live navigation, online music streaming and OTA updates.
  20. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    Yes, and like Tesla, BMW also uses AT&T. We own a BMW and received a similar upgrade notice. Interestingly, BMW provided the modem upgrade for free versus the $200 Tesla is charging.
  21. ENirogus

    ENirogus Active Member

    Why on earth do they not include a wifi link? or bluetooth?

    One would not have to set it up but it sure would help in the future
  22. so how can you guarantee connectivity? Clearly a public cellular network covers basically wherever you go.

    WiFi would rely on free/open access points, not too many of those on the highway right? Like none.

    Bluetooth would not work at all of course, not only shorter range, but you would have to go to every computer and request pairing, so not even possible.

    The idea is that the car can be reached by the Kia servers, not your phone....

    Think of the problem to be solved, connectivity to the car no matter where it, or you are...

  23. Robert Besen

    Robert Besen Member

    My 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid has wifi and I can easily update the software over my home network while the car is sitting in the garage. Pretty handy. I really wish my Niro had the same capability.

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