Just received new Ariya

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by Ian Mulholland, Jan 7, 2023.

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  1. Ian Mulholland

    Ian Mulholland New Member

    Just dumb luck allowed us to receive one of the first Ariya's in the US. Only 201 Ariya's were sold in 2022 (according to Nissan) and we received ours on the last day of the year in Tucson. In November 2021 we reserved a Venture+: front wheel drive, 87 kWh battery in white. Even the local dealer has not received their demo.

    I am retired so I don't have a commute and will only be driving it around on mostly short trips, but I will post my impressions and issues occasionally. I can also try to answer any questions you may have. By the way, I have a large solar array on the roof so I am truly driving on sunshine.
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  3. Congrats on your new car! I am truly excited for you and look forward to reading your thoughts and observations. It feels like this moment has been a long time coming.
    I just saw the news that some 201 Ariya's were sold and thought it was more of an internal sales to dealers type thing. On our New Years Day InsideEVs Podcast I had included the Nissan Ariya as a vehicle coming this year, so I guess I got that wrong. :oops:
    Anyway, feel free to share any pictures you may have. I've only seen it in person at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show when it was first revealed. I especially like the interior and am curious how well the buttons integrated into the wood function.
  4. Ian Mulholland

    Ian Mulholland New Member

    I have been driving my new Ariya around for a couple of weeks now and I love it! Most of my driving has been short trips around town, country (in my case desert) roads and occasionally on the freeway. I have been charging it at home. Everything has worked great. The Ariya has plenty of zip and handles acceleration on the freeway fine and has very responsive handling.

    The was one major issue however. When I got the Ariya home I looked behind the seats and saw that the floor was not flat, with the "cargo lid" missing. I am not sure of the correct component name, but the lid fits over a shallow cargo space behind the seats. Without the lid, you cannot place any heavy cargo, such as fifty pound airline bags into the back without the potential of damaging the bags or the vehicle. Needless to say, I was not happy. I thought that perhaps the dealer had removed the lid for some reason and forget to replace it. They said that did not happen and they were right. I contacted Nissan and they emailed the following:

    "The Venture+ is the Ariya that has the longest battery range and to achieve that longer battery range some options had to be left off as with more weight the battery range decreases. I apologize for any non communication of options previously."

    I am skeptical about this reason as the lid is very light weight. My dealer, Jim Click Nissan of Tucson, came to my rescue. They gave me the lid from their Ariya demo and it fit perfectly into mine. Now I have a fully functional Ariya. If you have ordered a Venture+ don't be surprised if that piece is missing. You might want to contact your dealer and ask them about getting a lid.
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  5. Great to hear you're enjoying the driving experience and I'm glad to hear the dealer got you a parcel shelf. You are right, Nissan's excuse for not including this was lame and no Ariya should be shipped without one.
    How are you finding the buttons integrated into the wood? I really like that part of the interior design. Do they work well?
    Nissan-Ariya dash.jpg
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