Just moved from ID.4 to I-Pace

Discussion in 'I-Pace' started by bubzki, Oct 21, 2022.

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  1. bubzki

    bubzki Member

    So far so good. Not a lot of people seem to know about the I-Pace, but it's definitely worth considering. So far efficiency has been right about the same as the RWD ID.4, which is actually pretty decent and better than expected!
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  3. rcarter3636

    rcarter3636 Member

    How is the software compared to the ID4?
    Does it do native route planning without having to use 2-3 different apps and will it get OTA software updates?
  4. bubzki

    bubzki Member

    1. Software is far more feature laden and there’s a configurable IP which is better than ID4. I use car play on both so the general software is almost a tie. As for snappiness I’ve had no issues at all in either car really.

    2. I’ve used plugshare for route planning but I do it via phone or carplay.

    3. Yes the I Pace gets OTA updates and mine already has at least one update on it.

    They’re not really competitors but the used Jag was nearly same I had paid for a base ID4.
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  5. dctrimble

    dctrimble New Member

    I am intrigued by the iPace. What year and trim did you get? What is your impression of the handling vs the VW? If not new when you bought it did you do any inspection on the battery? I am trying to research how these batteries are holding up over time. Thanks
  6. bubzki

    bubzki Member

    I got a used, early 2019 HSE First Edition. The FE is really just a fully loaded HSE with some lettering on the dash and sill plates.

    These vehicles are actually far more different than similar. The handling, steering, suspension, and overall driving dynamics of the I-Pace far, far exceed the appliance-like ID.4. Don't get me wrong though, some times and some people might actually prefer the don't-think-about-it aspect to the ID.4. The ID.4's turning circle is so good that the I-Pace feels like a boat in tight quarter turning.

    The I-Pace hasn't aged a day. The build quality, materials, and workmanship are truly top-notch. Thanks Magna. I had a modern loaner ICE Range Rover Velar recently, and that vehicle felt like pure trash compared to the solidness of the I-Pace.

    As for efficiency and range, the battery shows very little degradation (about 82kWh down from 84kWh new) at 40K miles. The winter efficiency is better, actually a lot better than the ID.4 in all cold conditions, especially when you can leverage heat pump with preconditioning.
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  8. dctrimble

    dctrimble New Member

  9. Tifosi

    Tifosi Active Member

    Thank you, we are considering the i-Pace as our next as well as the i4. We had i3 and Mini SE - but need more range now.

    The value of the 19 HSE is insane so it is the top of list. Really appreciate your feedback.

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