Just installed winter tires

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by M. Shah, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. M. Shah

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  2. Nikko508

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    Why 215/55 17
    Doesn't the car come with 235/45 18
  3. M. Shah

    M. Shah Member

    Yes but a 17 inch rim fits and is cheaper
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  4. Nikko508

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    I see....
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I have snow tires on the OEM rims--those resonators are no match for the extra noise my Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires generate. Perhaps the reportedly quieter-than-OEM Michelin X-Ice snow tires would fare better on the OEM rims.
  6. M. Shah

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    I have the X Ice on my volt and bridgestones on my QX60. There was no noticeable difference in both cars so I went with the Bridgestones for the clarity as they were a lot cheaper. The noise just went up ten folds at low speeds :(
  7. megreyhair

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    My wife said the car sound like a jet with the snow tires (blizz) on. I was like cool, we have a batmobile!
  8. Dan McInerney

    Dan McInerney Member

    I just had Michelin X Ice tires installed on my OEM rims. My sense? They're louder than the OEM tires. (Can't say I'm surprised -- because of their more aggressive tread pattern.)
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  9. ...and a taller profile is less vulnerable to pot hole damage.
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  10. Nikko508

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    I've been lookin at Himalaya WS2 for winter tires.. .
  11. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    17" is a better performer in winter snow / ice conditions!

    18" is better for summer.....
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  12. Nikko508

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    I've never heard that.
  13. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Smaller wheel sizes = taller tires which have more give and will be pliable for winter use (traction).
    Larger wheels sizes = thinner shorter tires which are great for dry traction, but gets stiffer in winter use.

    All my past BMWs I have had 2 sets of wheels - one size smaller that gets winter rubber, while the larger rims get the summer tires...
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  14. Nikko508

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    I've never heard of that theary If that's the case, all the SUVs would be useless in winter
  15. M. Shah

    M. Shah Member

    IMHO any car with winter tires will also be better than a car without. In urban settings a car with winter tires will be better in snow than an awd SUV with all season tires. Best is an awd with winter tires. Accidents almost never happen because the car didn't start moving.
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  16. Danks

    Danks Active Member

    I've heard it more of a difference between wider and narrower tires. The narrower tires should work better in deep, soft snow. Wider tires on hard packed snow and ice. The 17" tires on the Clarity on narrower so should work better in the deep, soft snow - which for us is more frequent than the hard packed snow and ice.
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  17. Nikko508

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    Now this i agree with.
  18. Mike95465

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    I don’t think you are understanding what he is saying.

    Stock Clarity 18” wheels have a tire size of 235/45-18 meaning the width of the tire is 235 mm and the sidewall ratio is 45% of the width meaning 105 mm.

    Most people run a 215/55-17 tire size for winter set on our Clarities. 215 mm width and sidewall ratio of 55% or 118 mm.

    Having more sidewall will allow the tire to flex and absorb hits without damaging the rim. The actual diameter of the both tire sizes is roughly the same.

    What he is saying is that when comparing two tires of same diameter but with differing sidewalls, most people want to run one that has more sidewall.

    Could you imagine if you have a set of 22’s on the Clarity and how little amount of actual rubber is on the tire? That’s an extreme to go with what we are saying.

    Plus tires are cheaper when dropping a size most of the time.

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  19. Nikko508

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  20. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    I would be surprised to find much difference in a traction contest between a Clarity PHEV with 18" snow tires and a Clarity PHEV with 17" tires of the same type. My 18" Nokian Hakkapeliitta snow tires provide awesome traction. The cost and hassle of snow tires is cheaper and less hassle than the alternative of a potential accident that might be avoided.

    There's a big, pointy, ornamental rock near the entrance to a local mall. Every time I enter the mall I remember two winters ago when a skid on snow brought my car to within a few inches of that big rock before my snow tires bit and turned my car away, preventing significant damage. Hooray for snow tires, always goes through my mind, even in the summer.
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