Join us for our IONIQ 6 reveal on the 14th of March at Eden Reading!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 6' started by Eden Motor Group, Feb 22, 2023.

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  1. Eden Motor Group

    Eden Motor Group New Member

    Hello all!

    We at Eden Motor Group are delighted to invite you to join us as one of the first IONIQ 6’s in the country will tour our Hyundai sites from March 14th to 19th! [​IMG]

    You’ll have the chance to explore this incredible car, with a product expert available to answer any questions.

    Visit our website below to find out more and register your interest!
    IONIQ 6 First Look Event | Eden Motor Group Hyundai
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    If you're in North America, make your plane reservations soon--I found this address at the bottom of the Eden Motor Group web page:
    35 London Road, Basingstoke, United Kingdom, RG24 7JD
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  4. Was at an Ioniq 6 viewing event today. Car was drop dead gorgeous all around pics don't do it justice, a must see in person. Dealer will be getting his 1st allocation in about a month, and am on the is list for one, maybe I will be lucky.

    upload_2023-4-17_17-22-34.png upload_2023-4-17_17-23-57.png upload_2023-4-17_17-22-34.png upload_2023-4-17_17-23-57.png
  5. Dropped in to that dealer again yesterday. They have a red one coming in at the end of May (on the boat now), and the GM (keeper of the wait list) said it will be mine. So that was certainly good news. They must have other "VIP" clients there, so just hope someone doesn't come along and scoop it on me. Never know what goes on behind the scenes at the dealers. And I have nothing in writing with them, no order, pre-order, just a very old pre-order for an Ioniq 5 (back last Feb/22). So can only hope.

    I will say that is how I got my Solterra. I was very persistent and kept bugging them. It paid off, and got the very first Solterra they sold. And I never had a deposit in with them either. I learned that if they know you really want the car, they will take note of that.
  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I did the same and was surprised to see an I6 SE AWD fresh off the truck in the dealer's lot. The sticker said $50,775, with no dealer mark-up.

    I like the car's looks a lot--even the rear-end some reviewers dislike, and I like even more that Hyundai decided to actually send a car to the US. I didn't go inside to see if this one is already sold--with only 15K miles, our Honda Clarity PHEV is barely broken-in because my wife and I always choose our MINI Electric for local jaunts.

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  8. Finally got to test drive the Ioniq 6 yesterday. It was as expected, nice ride, very quiet, solid road feel, head snapping power when you tromp it, good visibility, roomy, high seating stance. Basically as described by most auto journalists, a very nice car. Only downside for some, not much luggage space. But it does have 60/40 folding rear seats, so with no rear pax, can stuff quite a bit into it. For trips, it will only be the wife and me, so no issue with that. Really looking forward to the high range and fast charging.

    If I am lucky, might be able to get mine in about a month or so.
  9. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    What model did you drive? Will you be buying the head-snapping power or the 361-mile range?
  10. It was the Ultimate (top trim in Canada, with a few extras like a HUD), beautiful vehicle. It is AWD with 20" 245 wide tires for a powerful grip for that instant 446 lb-ft torque. It doesn't have the range of the single motor RWD, but in ECO mode it disconnects AWD so still pretty good. It is also super efficient and quiet with the .22 CD. Has a premium Bose sound system with speakers and locations designed by Bose specifically for this car. Next best thing to being in a concert hall, really, really impressive.
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