Japan original review of HONDA Clarity PHEV [ENG SUB]

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by qtpie, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Honest review of Japan $52k Honda Clarity PHEV from Motor Journalist Ishii Masamichi:

    Here's his conclusion (copied from "broken" English subtitle):

    "I think that is is probably the best car in Honda. It is a premium car type, a good car like a luxury car. It's comfortable to ride, not only comfortable but also steering stability, and it is a power train. This drivability is also very good because it is an electric motor car. Even a fine luxury car may not be enemy for this... Well, if you are a person who feels value... Although it is close to 6 million yen, I thought that it was worth buying. However, even if saying it is expensive, I think that this is probably because the manufacturer does not make money. In that sense it should quite profitable."
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  3. Crota

    Crota Member

    Does anyone know if the japan version has any upgrades over the American touring version? 52k vs 37k...
  4. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    71k vs 38.5k cdn (with rebate)... Ouch
  5. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    AFAIK, it has a ChaDeMo port for Fast Charge.
  6. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    Saw a video from Electrified Journey Japan a few days ago on Youtube but seems he deleted it. He's a Nissan fan so he's dissing the Clarity a bit especially the price. But it looks like it has a 3rd port (in addition to the Level 1/2 charge port and gas port) that has DCQC in the back driver side (Japan right side)
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