Jaguar I-Pace reviews and reading between the lines

Discussion in 'I-Pace' started by 101101, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Jaguar should be given credit for producing a semi credible vehicle but there are still outrageous elements with this vehicle that should cause serious cause for concern including for the people responsible for engineering the vehicle.

    1. Jag wasn't honest about its charging infrastructure or its charging speed and that is probably going to lead to the returns of many vehicles or claims, its a knock against goodwill when a company isn't honest.

    2. Its a compliance car pure and simple. You can see that from the 20K limit on production and see it from the styling crippling mean to keep it from becoming too popular or cannibalizing Jag's ICE sales.

    3. Intentional styling faux pas. The back end has been disabled made to look like an econo box, and this deliberate hobbling is the same sort of thing that Honda did with its Clarity
    and its wheel wells. You can also see this in the Volvo style front end, leaving in the ICE grill and the cheap plastic trim and waist line on the exterior and also with the interior that could have been lifted from a Ford Fusion. This stuff about Tesla's ever improving full software approach being less desirable than Jag's Blackberry chicklet key approach is laughable. Lets be clear people don't prefer crap that breaks down and adds costs, they prefer stuff that is automated in a way that just works and if you need to adjust it you can adjust it once to your preference without pain and it remembers your preference relative to other drives. That is exactly what Tesla does and Jag doesn't because at this point, it can't and its years away from being able to do so- essentially clueless about it so it tries to say the revolution is not desirable- this is straight marketed lying and should be a knock against the companies good will.

    4. Their marketing wasn't honest, they over promised and under delivered on performance relative to their competition in Tesla. They also used hobbling branding cues as in iPace which sounds like a pace maker and communicates geriatrics.

    5. Jag deliberately hobbled this car and they did it for obvious reasons. So you have to keep this in mind when you consider who they are and their ICE perp heritage and remember they aren't Jag they are Tata just as Porsche isn't Porsche its VW.

    Monroe summed it up when he said he wouldn't be focusing on Jag because they won't be a player. My advice to people who are to serious at Tata would be to leave that firm and seek out Tesla, Sono Motors, Nio, BYD, Byton or some other firm that has shown they are serious and have clean roots.
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    2. Jag isn;t a high volume manufacturer, plus their outsourcing. I wouldn't call it compliance, more like getting their toes wet.

    3. Mirrors the fPace and ePace styling

    4. Putting an i in from of everything just because Apple did it with the iPod 20 years ago is getting tiring. BMW is just as guilty here as Jag. This type of behavior I expect from the low end copycats, not major brands.

    5. I think the iPace is the best they could do considering where they were at, time, budget, reliant on third party etc.

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