Issue with radio presets resetting?

Discussion in 'Kia EV6' started by Thoralophon, Nov 23, 2023.

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  1. Thoralophon

    Thoralophon New Member

    Hey all. Does anyone else have problems with their radio presets resetting/getting deleted after someone else has used the car?

    When I return to the car after my wife has driven/used her profile, it will drop/delete all my radio presets. It remembers the last station I was listening to, FM or XM, but nothing else. Seems to be intermittent as well. Sometimes it does it, other times not. Sort of seems as though it has to do with how long I sit there (im)patiently waiting for the system to boot up before changing profiles.

    I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but my seat profile is #2 and my infotainment profile is #1. Not sure the two are connected, but I'm desperately trying to sort out this (becoming) major frustration.

    I saw a redit post about this on other Kia vehicles, but no one had any answers.

    I'm hoping someone has a little trick, like making sure that the initial warning page is fully loaded for 30secs before clicking "confirm", or something. Any suggestions, except walking backwards around the car twice while tugging on my right ear with my left hand, would be helpful.
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    People on reddit here and here are seeking a solution. Also no solution for fellow sufferers in the Kia Owners Club.

    One person with a Kia Forte solved the problem. He bought an aftermarket radio.
  4. Thoralophon

    Thoralophon New Member

    Thanks for the links. Seems Kia/Hyundai wide, not just ev6, so they should eventually fix it (maybe).

    One guy said if it happened to him he would turn the car off and on again. I'll try that next time it happens.

    After reading the threads, something triggered a memory. I had recently added a FM station to my list of XM only presets. The last time it had happened I had done the same, then went for a period problem free with no FM in the list. I wonder if it has to do with how long the infotainment takes to scan for FM stations, like it times out at start-up with "no stations found" and then wipes the list.

    Anyway, I will remove any FM from my presets and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, I might cancel my XM and just spotify through bluetooth from my phone and leave it at that. I know BT isn't great for sound, but I'm no audiophile and I don't have the high end stereo system anyway, so I doubt I'll notice.
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  5. Thoralophon

    Thoralophon New Member

    UPDATE: So, since removing the FM station(s) from my presets, it hasn't reset. It must be a scanning / time out issue, since I haven't noticed any software updates.

    So now I wonder if it's FM stations, or just when you have a mix of FM and XM...

    Oh, and I've sorted out my seat profile nonsense. My fault actually: make sure you keep your software profile the same as your seat profile (ie.: ensure that saved seat 1 is used when profile 1 is used in the software).

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