is this a reasonable lease deal ?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by bevOrPhev, Jun 22, 2018.

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  1. bevOrPhev

    bevOrPhev New Member

    In CA (San Jose). Clarity Touring. Red.

    MSRP (inclduing destination) 37495
    Discount 8507 (so 7K from Honda and 1507 off MSRP)
    Residual 16498
    MF 0.00071

    3K down, 373/month (3 year, 36K miles)
    3K down comes from 373 (first month), 542 (registration/fees - includes DMV, Dealer Doc fee, tire fee, electronic filing), 179 (sales tax), 1907 (cap-cost-reduction)

    Total over 3 years including tax will be 373*35 + 3000 = 16,055

    Thinking of buying this weekend. Does it look like a reasonable deal for NorCal ?
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  3. ace base

    ace base Member

    Here is my best offer in Socal to compare
    Purchase: 34,100 + TTL
    Lease: 27,700 (10,100 off) + fees
    36 month, 12k mile/year,
    $1,000 down, $480/month, Money Factor 0.00275
    Residual: $16,496
    Total over 3 year = 480x36 + 1000 = $18,280 ( a rip off)
    MF changed from 0.0071 to 0.00275 from phone to quote.
    I suspect when I visit the dealer they'll poach on interest rate, we'll see.

    How are you negotiating? I am not sharing dealer quotes with each others, just mentioning ball park prices. They are not playing ball and walking out.
  4. bevOrPhev

    bevOrPhev New Member

    I am just getting quotes by email. Your coat may be 480 lower (35? Payments if first one is included in down). I think your MF is fishy. Should 0.00071. Note three zeros before the 71.
  5. ace base

    ace base Member

    Yup the verbal MF quoted was 0.00071 then when written one came in changed to higher. I was also working by email up til now, but now switching to phone to discuss details with a few
  6. Tdude

    Tdude New Member

    bought one yesterday in bay area. $297/month, $3k down for Base model, 3-year TCO = $13,400, residual $15,400.
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  8. djohan621

    djohan621 Member

    i have quote for Base model lease 3 yrs / 12K from San Diego dealership:
    monthly $229 + tax = $247
    Drive off = $3,659 ( include 1st mo, DMV Lic fee, tax, disposition )
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  9. Sul

    Sul New Member

    Got my touring 3 -yr lease as below in Los Angeles on 6/30/18
    $2500 drive-off (includes first month payment of $403, tax, registration etc.),
    $403 month (including taxes, registration, 15k miles/year, safe lease protection- wear & tear to $5000, including set of brakes etc.).
    The deal was $325/month before taxes. Taxes, additional miles(45k instead of 36k) and wear/tear warranty bumped it to 403.
    I also got CA HOV red stickers in hand, as the dealer had applied for them already.
  10. djohan621

    djohan621 Member

    related to wear and tear : based on my current EV, VW egolf, already have 36K+ because using Re-gen brakes most of the time the mechanical brake is still good. The Tire is the opposite, I guess because the motor spin quite fast the front tire is wear off faster, so need to rotate regularly, mine now is almost gone for all 4. just waiting to return when the lease done next month. you might replaced yours around 36K and when return it @ 45K the tire might still 75%+

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