Is There Something Wrong with the Window? Or the Tint?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by DavidXC, Apr 27, 2021.

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  1. DavidXC

    DavidXC New Member

    Hi all,

    Got my windows tinted late last week, and it's been a over 72 hours since they've been fully installed. It was garaged for most of that time.

    Went with a madico ceramic limo (5%) tint for the rear windows, and I'm starting to see some purple marks in the glass. The kind that I've only ever seen on old/cheap mirror tint sunglasses. There are similar marks to a lesser extent on the rear side windows.

    Tried wiping the glass down from the outside to no avail. It looks like it's IN the glass, but I can't be sure. Is this the factory tint?

    If there's something wrong with the tint/install, it's warrantied (so I'd probably just have them reinstall). I'll probably wait another couple days to ensure it's fully cured, though.

    This is new to me; I've had this shade of tint on 3 cars before, but they were all installed at different places and none of those were ceramic. Anyone seen anything like this before?

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  3. I got a nano ceramic tint job about a month ago. After inspecting previous installs on the installers property I decided on 20% for the rear windows. I was told it takes 5 days to fully cure and if possible park it outside in the sun during the day. Give it some more time before you decide there is a problem.
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  4. Boston_Pilot

    Boston_Pilot Active Member

    Well, if it looks like that after a week……that’s what you’re likely left with. I would most definitely be getting this fixed. In over 20 years of buying ceramic tint, I’ve never seen that.
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  5. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    Park it out in the sun for a few days with the windows cracked a bit. If your garage was humid 72 hours is not enough.

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  6. DavidXC

    DavidXC New Member

    Thanks, everyone!

    Comforting to know it's not the glass itself, dumb as it may sound. Judging by the handful of dried drops on the leather seats, I'm thinking they may have been a bit too generous on the adhesive?

    I've moved the car outside. It's been rainy these past few days, and the indoor humidity's been in the mid-to-high 50% range. Hoping for the best.
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  8. Boston_Pilot

    Boston_Pilot Active Member

    I disagree with the statement to wait longer. I mean there’s no rush warranty wise, but that just looks wrong. That doesn’t appear to be bubbles, which is what time usually fixes. That just looks “dirty”. Almost like they used something other than soapy water. Tint is applied with soapy water only, I’ve never seen a tint job look like that.
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  9. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    If you have bubbles when you leave the shop you went to the wrong shop. Moisture causes all kinds of optical issues.

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  10. DavidXC

    DavidXC New Member

    I just called the shop, sent pictures - they were pretty adamant that those marks are on/in the glass? I asked about application and he assured that they only ever used soapy water.

    They claim that, when installing tint this dark, they see these marks on some manufacturer's windows. He named Honda and Mercedes.

    He did, however, offer to remove and reinstall the tint.

    Is their water just... too soapy? lol.

    Would love to get some shots from others with 5% tint to present to the shop. Ran a few searches on the forum with no success. It's really not very apparent until you get up close - I had to angle the camera a few different ways before I could get the markings to show that prominently.
  11. Boston_Pilot

    Boston_Pilot Active Member

    Wouldn’t be a too soapy thing, I’m going to guess (although we’ll never know) it’s a dirty spray bottle. As in held something in it previously, other than soapy water. When it’s reapplied, if it doesn’t reoccur, that’ll tell the tale!
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  13. I didn’t go that dark. Ours has Autobahn 22% on all windows and it looks perfect.

    Honda does use 2 panes of glass with a soundproofing sheet laminated in between, so it could just be one too many things that is causing the moire or polarizing effect.
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  14. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    Glad the shop will reinstall it. Keep us posted.
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  15. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

    I would ask some other tint shops about the issue. They have no reason to lie or play the blame game.

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