iPace coming soon

Discussion in 'Jaguar' started by jim, May 14, 2018.

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  1. jim

    jim Active Member

    I have read and heard from a waymo consultant that the iPace all electric is being setup for autonomous driving with the waymo system.
    Our local Jaguar deal already has a DC Fast Charger and 2 Chanrge Point level 2 units at their sales building that anyone can use. It's FREE.
    They also told me they will have a few iPace in the show room in August 2018, this year.

    So they (Jaguar) seem to be ahead of the new Volvo XS40 T8 electric due out in 2019. And ahead of the new Porsche Mission-E. Those dealers only have Level 2 chargers so far with no idea when their Fast Chargers may be coming. The Porsche says they are adding a super fast 800 volt DC charging system but the local dealer in Gilbert Arizona said they don't have any details for their dealership.
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