Ioniq Series 2 software issues

Discussion in 'Hyundai IONIQ Electric' started by Geoff Cutler, Jun 27, 2022.

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  1. Geoff Cutler

    Geoff Cutler New Member

    I have the first of the series 2 cars, a 2019. And I am based in Sydney, Australia. I recently had the software updated and ever since have had issues. I cannot discover if these are unique to my car (rare for that to happen) or just dreadful bugs. Firstly there are settings to allow me to charge off peak. Unless the settings are in place, the charging will not occur at a preset time. Ever since the upgrade the "saved" settings are cleared irregularly. I tried to figure out if there was pattern, as I am software guy, but I cannot find a pattern. But typically within 48 hours the settings are cleared, and certainly every time I want to charge, I have to redo the settings. So - does anyone else have this? I have tried talking to the dealer, but front line staff typically know nearly nothing about their EVs. It's the back end techs who know. Anyway I took it in to be fixed. They assured me it was. But all they did was assume I am an idiot, and remade the setting, which cleared itself in 24 hours.

    Next is the dashboard. I loved the first edition software. I was able to configure three panels, and they stayed there so that on starting the car, it remembered it's settings. Come the upgrade I can only set two panels, and switch off the car and its back to nothing set. I have gotten so pissed off I now drive with no radio, no nav, nothing. Just the silly picture and the time of day. Its possible this is part of the issue I first mentioned, but when I phoned Hyundai head office to try and see if anyone dealt with software issues, they told me its a dealer issue. The dealer told me its a head office issue. They need to start realising dealing with software is very different to hardware.

    The only thing I am pleased about is I have sourced a space saver tyre so I won't need to be towed or wait 4 hours for a mobile tyre repair service. I would not put this tyre on a front, but I am happy enough with it on the back.
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  3. Geoff Cutler

    Geoff Cutler New Member

    So it's been a week or so, and sadly their much touted fix of setting seven days of departure times x 2 all timed before the preset off peak charge time, did not work. The very next time I started the car, the preset off peak charge setting was cleared. I have to say I don't see the logic in connecting preset departure times to other functionality like charging. As it is, I am retired and would never have a real preset departure time. Not ever. Every day is different.

    I am beginning to realise that neither the dealers nor Hyundai Australia are set up to analyse and solve software issues. Probably that true world-wide? Would be good to hear its not. So now the dealer has to contact the software developers directly and I was supposed to hear back last week. But I am not in this loop, and you can't avoid chinese whispers in software bug reporting when you disconnect the user from the guy who knows how it all is supposed to work.
  4. Geoff Cutler

    Geoff Cutler New Member

    Just a sad update. Eventually fully a year after I experienced my bugs, when describing the problem yet again the dealer said "Oh that's a known issue" HuH?? So they took something like a year to agree there was a problem, and still have no way of knowing that I raised the issue and should be advised. Anyway this week I had my annual service. I asked about a software update. There is not one. So in over 18 months I think they have not released a software update despite the existence of very annoying bugs. I also read that Kona is having battery problems world wide and the dealers act just like mine. No support from the factory and no idea what to do. So my decision is made. I will not upgrade to another Hyundai EV.

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