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Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by restyler, Sep 11, 2021.

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  1. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    I've now had my Ioniq 5 for just over 2 weeks & its been quite eventful.

    Good Points - Its a blast to drive (Its so Damn Fast)
    Bad Points - I've received my first "Notice of Intended Prosecution" (Its so Damn Fast)

    I'll keep this thread updated with what its like to live with, but I'll kick it off with a short video from last weekend
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  3. Will DaBeast

    Will DaBeast New Member

    Can't wait to see more.
  4. Stymeron

    Stymeron New Member

    I'd be interested in seeing some photos showing the size relative to other vehicles. The dimensions read like it's quite large, but photos make it look VW Golf sized. Real life range info and charging info would also be helpful.

    Enjoy your Ioniq!
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  5. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Its first charge - just to try my charging cards out was 2 weeks ago at a local restaurants 20kW charger, where it was topped up to 89%

    Its second charge was on Friday - I was down to 19% so I went to a local Tesco where they had a 50kW charger - The bugger wasn't working!

    I drove another 5 miles to a motorway service station which had 2x 50kW units, one eventually became free & I managed to fumble through its app to get it going - it cut out after 10 minutes!
    After reconnecting, it lasted the allotted full 45 minutes before automatically disconnecting - I had charged up to 71%

    I took pictures of the dash charging screens every so often & used their exif time codes to plot the charging graph shown below.
    If you're wondering, my nearest 350kW Ionity charger is over 90 miles away, so I wont be doing that chart yet awhile
    43kW charger - linear curve.jpg
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  6. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Thank you for the info and looking forward to more details. In what country are you located and which battery size do you have? Have you tried exporting power to run anything? In the USA I believe power export is limited to 1.9 kW but almost double that in other countries. Same with towing capacity. In USA it’s limited to 1500#.
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  8. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    So I'm hoping the VW T-Roc is sold Worldwide so you can use it as a guide - (And as you can see, I parked far better than the T-Roc)
    If not T-Roc Dimensions: 4,234 mm L x 1,819 mm W x 1,573 mm H
    Whereas I5 Dimensions: 4,635 mm L x 1,890 mm W x 1,605 mm H (Much Bigger) :cool:
    I5 +VW-TRoc.jpg

    Only charged twice so far, & when I drove back from the dealers it gave an estimated range of around 270 miles @ 99% charge. You can see that 2 weeks later from the above graph that it gave a range of 193 miles when at 71% - which also extrapolates to a 270 mile full charge range (193/71) x 100 = 271

    Shropshire sits in the middle of the UK, & like all the other I5s in Europe, the largest battery we have is 73kW.
    Not tried out the V2L yet & towing capacity is 1600Kg - thought that would be the same in all markets.
    Q./ What weight measurement does a # indicate - I've never come across that one?
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2021
  9. Todd

    Todd New Member

    For some reason they are limiting the towing capacity in the USA market to 1500 pounds or just 682 kg. The V2L will be 1.9 kW where I believe you have about 3.8 kW available. Not sure why. The Ioniq 5 is still not available here but hoping to see some by the end of the year. It seems like the only option for Range, fast charging, V2L ability and some towing capacity.
  10. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Also the only battery available in USA will be 77.4kWh. Single motor RWD and Dual motor AWD are options.
  11. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    European Household Voltage = 230V
    I think we can output 3.6kW
    Watts = Volts x Amps, So Amps = W/V = 3600/230 = 15.6 Amps

    USA Household Voltage = 120V
    Therefore if the NA V2L can output 1.9KW, A=W/V = 1900/120 = 15.8 Amps

    The safe current capacity of a cable is down to its cross sectional area, ie - the thicker a cable the more current it can carry.
    So its reasonable to assume that the cables leading up to the V2L socket on the car are the same thickness for all markets, being designed to not carry more than around 16 Amps - There's the Answer :)
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  13. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Excellent explanation of V2L limits! Now please find a reasonable explanation on the difference in towing capacity!
  14. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Been exploring Android Auto on the I5.
    Now this was my first ever play with it, & I think it could possibly be the last!
    Honestly, What's the point of it - I got a few map & podcast apps to work, but very little else.
    Its also extremely distracting to operate whilst driving, as none of the voice commands appeared to work.

    In the end, I decided it was simpler just to do any operations direct from the phone - just an easy screen press to play or pause, no reaching over to the mid-screen

    The Hard way:-

    The Easy Way:-

    In other news - I've done this:-
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  15. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Love the light interior. How does the phone stay where it is?
  16. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Its all done with Magnets - 1mm thick N52s superglued onto the cover
  17. Todd

    Todd New Member

    Awesome! The magnets don’t interfere with the phone in any way? Wonder if that will work with an iPhone.
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  18. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    As far as I know, I don't use any apps that utilise the phones magnetic sensors - although my Homing Pigeon app threw a wobbler (probably a UK only term)
  19. GaryClark

    GaryClark Member

    "I got a few map & podcast apps to work"

    Nice Podcast @Domenick he's riding with, ya think? Does the map directions from the phone show on the augmented reality heads up display? Does it show turns when they are just ahead or is the onboard navigation the only navigation that shows there. I hope if they haven't allowed that that they will update the infotainment to allow that. Hopefully between your phone and EV the screens and app's start agreeing more. Enjoy: the US wont see this EV for another 2 months.
  20. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Didn't get round to using the phone nav & tbh, I've not gone far enough anywhere to try out the cars own nav yet.
    I'll program in my "Going to work" route tomorrow & see how it does.
  21. TonyInGA

    TonyInGA Member

    Hope it continues to have more Good Points, than Bad. ;)

    Can you tell me, what is the ground to driver's seat height (H number)?
  22. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Honestly, I'm sure you guys just invent these terms - never heard it mentioned over here (even google drew a blank)

    But here we go anyway, & I'm guessing if it ever existed it would be measured in inches

    Ground to Front of Seat (seat raised)= 24"
    ground to seat =24.jpg

    Ground to back of seat (seat raised) = 22"
    ground to back of seat =22.jpg

    Floor to seat (raised) "F Number" = 13
    floor to seat (raised) =13.jpg

    Floor to Seat (lowered) = 11.5"
    floor to seat (lowered)= 11.5.jpg
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  23. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    I'm going to have to get a different camera mount sorted to get both the HUD & auto-driving filmed properly.
    This is the best I could manage today
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