Inside EVs should can the Lovedays

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 30, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    There is no need for a good cop bad cop approach here. There is no legitimate constituency for the bad cop in this case. Generally Inside EVs does a great job of covering EV issues except possibly when they cite BNEF stuff but the Lovedays are an exception. This isn't a matter of balance or even ideology. The issue is clear, petrol in the current day is about promoting slavery and ICE is just wrong. Trying to fight this or inject the tactical or strategic lie is like trying to fight emergency room physicians trying to save a patient because the patient's life being spared is going to cost some thug money.

    This isn't a matter of someone doesn't like a sports team. To me what they are doing sounds like paid propaganda. They are always negative on Tesla and always pro for the fail-convincingly-firms (i.e., VW and their propaganda loss leader Porsche) the ones that will push the hydrogen long tail pipe scam or want petrol firms to buy up charging stations so that citizen/consumer/end users realize no cost difference in going green, or play up non existent cobalt choke points or insist on huge monthly fees for going off the grid or always try to say shorts or Chanos type fools have a point or claim that green isn't clean or coal is cleaner and climate change isn't real, or electrics can't be profitable or that green needs subsidies but petrol isn't pure subsidy. Also, notice the Lovedays have a peanut gallery contingency in the comments of people who act like paid shills on their articles almost like the NY times doing a new article and shills that work for petrol beholden entities shills like Saccanoghi or Tamberino. So in short I am saying the Lovedays seem to be paid shills and if what they are doing is ads and political negative ads and paid shill propaganda they shouldn't be at a mag/blog dedicated to helping people understand green tech and their connection to its benefits. You don't need the petrol industry on your payroll subtly undermining your effort, doing so isn't anymore genuine than the sabtour at Tesla now claiming that Tesla is doing massive harm to the world- how (?) by undermining the slavery of petrol enclosure?

    One can dislike Tesla because of not liking Musk or his ego, or dislike Silicon Valley or think California is too liberal (average America has no idea about the hard left- may be a tidal wave of them are coming from the ranks of betrayed conservatives- prepare for a titanic mean green wave out for justice and retribution) or thinks if Tesla succeeds one's ethnic group will be at less of an advantage but that is a bit different from people who are truly anti green because they are paid by petrol to be and will be just as negative on any entity that eclipses Tesla in going green. In the case of the Lovedays I believe Tesla gets targeted because they are an example of true green and ending the hypocrisy and injustice of petrol.
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