Infotainment won't hold my settings

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Randy Shanofsky, Jun 17, 2023.

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  1. Randy Shanofsky

    Randy Shanofsky New Member

    I have a 2022 ID.4 Pro with software 3.1 and the VW app on my phone.
    I have some personal settings such as brighter blind spot warning lights, custom ambient lighting, Eco drive mode enabled, 68 degrees for the climate, etc.
    I will occasionally receive a message on my infotainment screen that "new settings are available". I choose "Yes", and everything changes back to the factory settings.
    I change it all back to my preferred settings, and when the message returns, I either ignore it, or choose "Cancel", and the factory settings still come back eventually.
    Is there any advice as to how I can keep my drive settings without having to worry about it?
    Should I uninstall the app and just drive as "Guest"?
    Any info would be appreciated. This is the only issue with my vehicle. I love everything else about owning and driving an ID.4. Thank you.
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