Infotainment 12” screen light in ID.4

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Tony S, Nov 24, 2020.

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  1. Tony S

    Tony S Member

    Does anyone know if you can turn off the screen light completely (not just dimming it). I understand that the behind the steering wheel 5” screen needs to be on all the time (vital car info. dimmed option). I do most of my out of town travel at night and hate to have the 12” screen blaring at my eyes (even if dimmed). If this option is not available, I’ll throw a piece of cloth over the screen!
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  3. Tony S

    Tony S Member

    Now we know. I tested it with a VW rep at my local dealer; there is a “very dark” illumination option for the center touchscreen, but no blackout. The dealer rep promised to fashion a color coordinated screen cover!
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