In US Model 3 revenue equal to Accord & Camry combined in Sept

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its kind of hard to fake revenue. And I see Model 3s everywhere I go. Tesla leadership said we would see as much. What I don't ever see in SoCal (BMW capital of the US) are X series units. Regardless, if you understand the up sell and the trade in story you get that that Tesla is knocking it out of the park, one article it knocked the skin off the ball. Some might try to say it was pent up demand and is it sustainable but when have we ever seen pent up demand for a car and didn't people way forever any way without slack in demand. So the newest BS utterly useless WJS and its parrot CNBC how weak the anti Tesla thesis has been. Also note that Tesla just released for Model 3 the Navigate on Autopilot (totally crucial and to my mind substantial performance on self driving so far- bring account up to date) and much stronger regen braking with a software update. Essentially 15 months delayed Tesla and Musk have delivered on the Model 3- to me its real birth date was something like October 25th. Factory is up and running on true ramp, its taking share, will soon be the best selling car in the US (most competitive of auto markets) edging out Camry before the end of the year. Model Y is done!!! There will be more announcements on Semi and Roadster. Shanghi factory is being built right now. In 6 months should have 35K model (also profitable) and with 10x power of Nvidia rig and with the Tesla chip full self driving delivery and Tesla network. Firm has never been stronger and never been more tested or tempered and even former enemies seem to be turning around publicly some are apt to make some of the staunches advocates going forward- a well known pattern. Financial terms will be easing just as Tesla is going into Asian and EU markets with Model 3.

    The article on US Model 3 equal to Camry and Accord revenues combined last month is on cleantechnica.
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  3. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    No other place that you can see more Model 3 than SF Bay especially on 101, 880 and 680.
    I agree you that once the production of $35k Model 3 catches up the demand, the final nail in the coffin for Camry and Accord. Toyota and Honda may be able to sell those to grandmas grandpas. $35k Model 3 is the performance of BMW 330 at the price of Honda Civic!

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