In for recalls and now car doesn't work

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by JFree, May 10, 2021.

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  1. Brought our 2019 Limited in for some of the recalls on Friday. Drove it on Saturday and Sunday. Charged it last night using our Juicebox and this morning car had an electrical system error and car wouldn't go into drive or reverse--only park and neutral. Just had it towed to Hyundai dealer.

    Anyone experience this?
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  3. I read in some other threads that it happens when the high voltage battery is at risk. I can be wrong
  4. Did some more digging and see that this is not an uncommon problem after the BMS update. The dealer just texted me that it looks like it will need a hybrid battery? Not sure what he means by a hybrid battery, but I'm assuming he means the main ev battery?? I thought those are hard to come by, especially with the recall. Said he'd let me know for sure by end of day. So now I have to work on getting a loaner. While we like the car, kind of glad we leased and didn't buy. We were out of our car for a couple of months when we first got it when the heating system failed and they had to source a part from S Korea. Hyundai reimbursed us about $4,000 for that one, but still, this is getting a bit too much with all the recalls lately.
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    One of the recall updates involves changing the battery management system software in response to a series of battery fires seen mostly in Korea (and at least one in Canada).

    Part of that update involves adding more/better diagnostics ton try and detect if the battery is at risk of developing a fault that results in a fire. If the software determines that things aren't quite right, it will permanently disable the vehicle. The only remedy is a new HV battery pack.
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    See my thread from a week ago about not being able to get into D or immediately prior recall work was done.
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