In addition to the Buick Bolt based Encore, what will GM's next EV be?

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by God, Oct 14, 2017.

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    If we look here: we'll see Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice president of Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain say GM will offer two new all-electric vehicles “based off learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV” in the “next 18 months”...

    Then we look here: so that would appear to be one of two...

    So what's the other?
    They could badge engineer the Encore to a Caddy, Chevy (Trax, which the Encore is) or GMC but I'm not sure that makes any sense as you essentially have all your EVs on subcompact crossover-ish vehicles...We also have to wonder, why haven't there been any leaks yet?

    While we all want a SUV like the Equinox, I believe it's just too soon and if that were the case, why even bother creating an EV the size of an Encore? The Bolt was originally based on the Encore/Sonic platform and evolved into it's own platform so the next generation Encore/Sonic could be based on the Bolt's platform...The Encore EV is FWD only so that tells me GM need doesn't want to mess with the drive-train or the platform...If this is true, beyond a Spark EV 2.0, there's only one other platform that is an semi-EV...The Cruze/Volt...First, I know what you're thinking, no one is buying sedans...While there is a lot of decline, the best selling non-pickup trucks in the USA are the Camry and Accord...I live in California, Honda touts Civic ads that state the Civic is the best selling CAR in the state of California...To add to my speculation, since the Encore EV is based off the Bolt's platform will be built at the Orion factory, so you'd presume its companion vehicle would also be built there...Interestingly, the Buick Verano which is a Cruze based compact sedan was being built in that very factory but the entire car was discontinued for 2018 leaving a compact sedan void in Buick's lineup...I know many will wonder how will they fit 60kWh of batteries into the Volt, but they did that already for the Spark (smaller battery and car) and GM does like to put a lot of battery in where the gas tank location would be...Seems far easier to EV the semi-EVed-Volt than it would for something brand new like an Equinox...

    So that's my prediction, Buick brand, most likely Cruze hatchback style or at least the Volts liftback vs a regular trunk...What's yours?
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