Identify this noise!

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by J.Dubs, Oct 8, 2021.

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  1. J.Dubs

    J.Dubs Member

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  3. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    Definitely doesn't sound right... Have you checked the lug bolt torque?

    If you brake hard does it make the same noise?
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  4. Luis Hoffer

    Luis Hoffer Member

    Is the sound coming from only your front wheels?

    Hmm to my ear it sounds like the torque of the electric motor is torqueing the lug nuts of the wheel upon acceleration. Maybe check if they lug nuts are torqued to factory specs.
  5. teddybare

    teddybare Member

    That sound is reminiscent of a brake shield metallic clang or hand brake holding a little and then releasing
  6. J.Dubs

    J.Dubs Member

    Ok so I took the wheel off, inspected it. Reinstalled the wheel and torque to spec. Now the noise is gone. So it's the equivalent of "turn it off and turn it back on".
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  8. Tommm

    Tommm Well-Known Member

    Now loosen the lug bolts and see if you used less force. Them torque em.

    Should have torques them before doing anything to confirm or eliminate that as a possible cause

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