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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by SueMC, Jan 24, 2023.

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  1. hughkuhn

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    I have the same car and just got it back yesterday after 5-1/2 weeks. The battery issue in the 2021’s is real and the dealers are not being properly supported by VWNA. Sad. At least it all seems to work now, including the 3.1 software update.

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  3. [UPDATE]
    so it's been a few since I got the car back and here are a few things that have happened.
    1. after a couple days I used an EV America charger that I use regularly and as I left I got the attached warning about the electrical system. I was close to home and the car seemed to be functioning just fine so I drove it home and left it outside for a few days while I contacted the dealer. The next morning the warning was gone and the dealer couldn't look at it for a few days so I drove it a little and it seemed fine. Brought it in and they said the people working on the battery (not this dealer but the one qualified to do so) didn't reset the faults and they triggered at 100 miles. They reset all faults and said I should be fine
    2. The next day after I ad the above fault when I was driving it around a little I got the other attached picture about the collision warning and what not. I know this happens when the sensors are blocked or what not but I included the view from outside so you can see it's a nice clear day. The otside of the car was just washed by VW before they gave it back to me. This also went away and didn't come back unexpected again
    I haven't had any issues since and it's been over 1k miles so I hope all is good but just not sure at this point. My wife is concerned and we are considering getting rid of it despite it being out favorite EV when it comes to design right now.

    I'm going to be making another thread about the backup camera cause I thought that was just a thing but I have now seen a recall but only on 2022 models so I'm curious how many of you have seen the same problem :(

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