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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by JFree, Sep 14, 2021.

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  1. As someone who may be getting out of a 2019 Hyundai Kona with a fried battery, and who is interested in the ID4, since the ID4 also has a battery made by LG Chem, how do we know that the ID4 won't end up with the same recall issue as the Kona and the Bolt?

    We are in a situation, where we're awaiting a buyback offer (on a lease) and because of the very long delay with our car (no car since May 10th), Hyundai is also offering use some money if we keep the car with a new battery. Since we only have 1 year left on our lease, we are torn by which offer to take since there may be many more new EVs on the market in a year and at the moment it's hard to get the exact ID4 we want now.

    Any thoughts
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  3. HepKona

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    Same boat here, though with a financed one.

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  4. We’re now out of our Kona—about 2 weeks ago. People on a ID4 forum—VWtalk—claimed the ID4 batteries are made in a different factory that has not had any issues or recall. We took the chance and bought an ID4 Pro S. Have had it one week. Car drives very nice. Has more room than the Kona (more the size of a Tucson), seems to be averaging about the same kWh per mile. Biggest complaint so far about the car is a buggy infotainment system that doesn’t always operate as it should and that it doesn’t have truly one pedal driving as the Kona. We kinda knew about that going in (as read a lot about it online) but was surprised to see how true most of the complaints were. VW is supposed to do OTA updates but they seem to be dragging their heels to release it. But overall it’s a very nice car.
  5. midsail

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    We have had our ID 4 since June 2021. It's a fun car to drive, very quiet, and I feel more bang for my bucks. I recently had some battery degragation issues, but it turns out that it was the way I was charging the car. Please read my post "10K and notice miles degrading charge". Since I been following the advice of CA e-tron owner link. My battery is slowly resetting/recalibrating itself. I have started charging the ID to 90%. I would recommend the ID 4 to anyone.


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