ID.4 1st edition order locked.

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by ericy, Jan 13, 2021.

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  1. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    I got an email this morning wanting me to "lock" the order, and pay an additional 400$ deposit. It now says:

    Now that your order is locked, production can begin. We have started manufacturing your all-new ID.4.You will be notified when production is complete.
    Still no clear idea as to the timeline right now. Some people have estimated March delivery dates - to meet that, I would guess that the cars would need to leave the factory sometime in Feb.
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  3. Congrats! Yes, VW announced late last year the USA ID.4's would not be arriving until the end of the first quarter of 2021 (end of March).

    Still waiting for my email. Did you get a 1st Edition?
  4. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Yes, but I missed the initial thing last fall as at the time I hadn't quite given up on the Kona, so I originally had to pick a "Pro". Then about a week ago, there was an email saying that they would be producing more "1st Edition", and for a limited time one could upgrade (while supplies last). So I managed to change the reservation to 1st Edition at that time.

    The next "step" will be when the car leaves the factory - it will probably only be then that I will start to get a clearer idea when the thing might arrive.
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  5. Ah, I have a Pro Select on order so it might be awhile before I get an email to lock in my order. Which is okay as they Clarity lease does not end until October.

    Nice to see VW make the First Editions...First. Ford did not do that with the Mach-E. They are making them in some unknown order with no priority to the FE orders.
  6. Got my email to Lock in my order. I have until Jan 28th. I have a Mach-E scheduled to build the week of 2/14. Wondering if I should lock as a backup with Ford's recent issues with the Mach-E. :rolleyes: Decisions, decisions.
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  8. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Very cool. I would note that for the additional 400$, it was the dealer that I selected for pickup that billed me. Doesn't mean that much, I guess, but it surprised me a little.

    I am guessing the *soonest* that actual production can begin for U.S. market is essentially Feb 1, but it will probably be sometime later in the month.
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