I-Pace offers $3k to Tesla owners

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    Source: https://electrek.co/2019/08/13/jaguar-tesla-incentive-owners-buy-i-pace/

    Jaguar is going directly after Tesla owners by offering them a $3,000 incentive to buy an I-Pace electric vehicle at a total $15,000 discount.

    The British automaker introduced the I-Pace, its first all-electric vehicle, last year.

    The vehicle has found some success in a few European markets but sales have been extremely slow in the US despite offering 0% financing to boost sales.

    Jaguar is still selling barely more than 200 I-Pace vehicles per month in the US. As of July, the automaker has only delivered just over 1,500 electric vehicles in the US this year.
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    I left the Model 3 out because it is really not in this class of large, luxury vehicles. But you can really tell the I-Pace has flat-lined in the USA. The $3k jolt may work but the car has so many other problems.

    Bob Wilson
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    No, I-Pace seems to be an also ran. with a 234 mile range, a price of $69,000 + it is overpriced. They really need to get the price point down, the range up (at least 270 or higher) tie, with a charging network, else it will remain an over priced city car. They are banking too much on the $7500 federal incentive. The audi etron has lower range, higher price but the the charging network behind it.
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    Sorry, I don't understand 'charging network behind it.' My understanding is the etron has the same CCS-1 style charger as the I-Pace and my BMW i3-REx.

    Bob Wilson
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    What I mean is that all said and done, Audi has close ties with Electrify America(EA) and they are going to leverage it to the hilt. The Supercharger network is dedicated to Tesla, EA is supposed to be technically neutral even though it sponsored by VW. In an earlier post, you had made a statement that you not just buying a BEV, you are buying a charging network. Audi will use EA to their advantage. EA will invest in areas where Audi has greater sales. One of your maps shows large swatches of areas where EA does not have presence, SuperChargers do. My guess is that (and again I have known to be wrong), EA will double down on areas that will be most beneficial to VW and Audi and less to support Tesla or general BEV usage. And with the lower range of Audi's, it is important that they are able to reassure buyers that a charger is not far away.
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