Hyundai USA 2020 Kona EV Video says it has a Heat Pump

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Marsbars1011, Nov 30, 2019.

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  1. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    The Hyundai USA 2 minute Video on their web site under " technology" for the 2020 EV Kona says it has a battery warmer and a HEAT PUMP!
    Is that true? Or is this a generic video they do for Canada and Euro spec cars as well?
    I heard they did not have it but if you play the video then about half way through the video it says it comes with a heat pump which would be great! Does anybody know for sure?
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  3. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    First I have heard of US models getting the heat pump. Only addition I have heard of is the battery warmer.
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  4. ... and that only for the two higher spec models
  5. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    Is it possible that you don't get one without the other?
  6. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge New Member

    Im Really wondering where we can get an actual statement saying if it does or doesn’t come with a heat pump. I feel like the heat pump is a huge selling point for some people including myself. And I think it was pure stupidity on Hyundai’s part for not adding it..If they did, I would of bought one this year, but honestly I’ve been thinking of going with the e-Niro since it has the heat pump. Come on Hyundai..heat pump should be standard by now
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  8. Our 39.2 and 64kWh eNiros in NZ don't have the heat pump or the battery warmer but both 64kWh base and Elite trim levels of Kona have both features. In our climate we don't really need either but the heat pump sold me on the Kona. The 64kWh eNiro does provide the same other features as the top level Kona in return.
    I don't see any connection between the reversible cycle heat pump and the battery warmer. When my battery needs warming it doesn't use the heat pump. The 2kW PTC resistive battery heater runs until the battery reaches 15°C.
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  9. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    In the Hyundai USA Video the screen in small print says "non US model shown" However, on the video for "performance" which is 2:07 long it gives a graphic and a little bit of info on the heat pump at 1:29. I called Hyundai USA and they are clueless. I called a Hyundai Dealer in California which has 2020s on the lots. The person I messaged with sent me the picture of one of the cars on their lot (Ultimate) with a list of specs for that particular car. The heat pump was not listed however neither was the battery warmer. The only way to know for sure is if someone from California takes a look at one on the lot, opens the hood and looks to the back of the engine compartment to the left where I think the heat pump is located. Its hard to believe its so friggin complicated to get an answer. I gotta wonder about a company that can't get their _ _ _ _ together.
  10. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it be listed on the invoice?
  11. Jgood

    Jgood Active Member

    I know the Hyundai website video touted the heat pump when I bought my 2019 Kona too. When I got home I discovered the fine print about it being a non-US model. I think it's pretty lousy if Hyundai is continuing to show features that aren't included in their promo videos.
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  13. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    Possibly but the sticker does not always list everything. This is sort of a passive engineering feature..... particularly the heat pump which is just an alternative to a resistive method to heat the car.
  14. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    I just messaged back and forth with an internet person at a Hyundai dealer in San Diego. She said to call their service department. I did and these people are clueless. They told me that they have not serviced a 19 or 20 so they know nothing about the heat pump....I would think it would be a listed part?
  15. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    After e mailing the Hyundai Senior Manager for Technology Public Relations he e mailed me back yesterday stating the following: " no heat pump for 2020 Kona" "we are running a battery heater for in the 2020 Kona EV"
  16. It's not too unreasonable considering they are competing with the Model 3 and that is similarly equipped. It would certainly affect my purchasing decision but both cars plus the eNiro are stupidly-priced here anyway, 76k plus. Higher end EVs are around 150k.
  17. Marsbars1011

    Marsbars1011 New Member

    I agree with you 100%. However, the Kona EV still gets a USA tax credit of $7500 and Tesla's credit here ran out. The Hyundai dealers will discount the car off of MSRP and Tesla generally will not. Finally the Canada spec cars have the heat pump as do the US spec Kia Niro so the absence of the heat pump just makes no sense. In fact the battery warmer and heat pump on the Kia Niro EV is a stand alone option.

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