Hyundai Norway confirms 6,969 initial orders accepted, deliveries start July 1

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Jun 23, 2018.

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  1. Hyundai Norway has sent a letter out to 20,000 reservation makers inviting 6,969 of them to configure their cars. Deliveries are set to begin July 1 and 2,500 of them should receive their car this year. If those who haven't made a reservation, the order list opens up again July 2, but delivery for those might only happen mid-2020.

    Here's the letter in (Google-translated) English.

    Dear KONA electric customer,

    We in Hyundai Motor Norway will first and foremost say thank you for your trust. We are very proud of the product we offer in KONA electric, and wish to congratulate you as a customer on choosing a new Hyundai electric car.

    KONA Electric has already proven to be a huge success for us in Hyundai. 20,000 Norwegians reported their prior interest, and after two weeks of exclusive pre-emption rights, the fasith was 6969 orders.

    This means that the interest in this model is greater than we expected to hope for. We understand that people are now excited about the delivery situation and we will continue to keep as open and good as possible on this. It is clear that the interest we are seeing now will show the delivery situation, especially for those with high queue numbers. We can already say that with 6 969 orders, we expect new customers coming from July 2 to invest in waiting times by mid 2020. In other words, customers with a high queue number have to wait for waiting time.

    Hyundai Motor Norway will today (21.6.2018) send out complete lists with expected delivery time for all who have placed orders, to our dealers. All customers will then be contacted by their dealer in turn, and especially customers with high queue numbers are asking to be a little patient.

    This means that as a customer you do not have to do anything before contacting your dealer for final contract signing. Then you will also be informed when you can expect to have your car delivered.

    Hyundai Motor Norway will also emphasize that it is now working continuously to secure a higher number of deliveries to Norway.

    There are many items that are included, but we can assure our customers that we work to ensure that as many cars as possible are available to Norway. The supply situation is characterized by higher demand internationally, but Norway is clearly a priority market for Hyundai.

    With best regards

    Hyundai Motor Norway
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  3. VTLeaf

    VTLeaf New Member

    mid-2020! Man Norwegians are junkies for EVs. Sounds like paradise. I should move there.

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