Hyundai Nav and DC Chargers

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by igough, Jul 22, 2022.

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  1. I have updated my 2022 Kona with the April 22 map update, and have the Charging Station filter set to not show AC chargers. While driving through New Brunswick along the Trans Canada, if I do a Search|Along Route, I noticed that the Built In Nav system did not know about *any* DC chargers along the route. But the stations do exist. The Nav system shows at least some in Ontario, so I am not sure how widespread this problem is. Either way, it seems I cannot trust the built in Nav system enough to rely upon it.

    I tried using A Better Route Planner (ABRP), which I found clunky, intolerably slow and prone to crash, and ChargeHub, which seemed ok, but not ideal. What do you use when travelling to a new location to find working stations to DC charge?
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  3. PlugShare seems to be the most accurate as the checkin comments are frequent and up to date;)
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  4. Planned our road trip using ABRP, and found out quickly that the range on the Kona far out ranged the predicted range estimated by ABRP. Even when using an ODBII device. Gave up and used Plugshare to plan next stops on the fly.
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  5. @electriceddy I just tried PlugShare upon your recommendation and I am quite impressed with it and believe that that is the solution I have been looking for. Thank you very much.

    @kalel681 I too found that ABRP gave very bad range predictions with my ODBII device.

    What I liked immediately about PlugShare was the 1-10 rating for each station so I could tell at a glace the quality of the station. And being able to filter out low quality stations (you know who you are) was fantastic. ABRP tended to route me to inoperable Petrocan stations leading to a mad scramble to find any other station.
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  6. You wouldn't happen to be talking about Moncton, would you? Had the worst charging experience of our whole trip there.
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  8. We did not charge in Moncton (I see you stopped at the Champlain Mall), but did at the Irving Big Stop in Salisbury. I experienced the 3 inoperable Petrocan stations in Quebec so avoided them for the rest of the trip since I could no longer trust that any station would be operable. The trip back to Ottawa was much more relaxing knowing to avoid Petrocan stations.
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  9. SciFiReader

    SciFiReader New Member is very good in my experience. However, I haven’t traveled in Canada so I don’t know if it is as good there. I especially like the trip planner.
  10. Julian Egelstaff

    Julian Egelstaff New Member

    Plugshare is the best. In Canada too. I've used it literally coast to coast.
  11. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    Same with the Niro EV with OBD II connected. ABRP is very pessimistic on range. I use a combination of the builtin Nav, ABRP and PlugShare to plan trips. The builtin Nav doesn’t have any of the Francis Energy stations in Oklahoma and is overall only useful for assisting the HDA System and adjusting the GOM (range estimate).
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  13. Stevewallace

    Stevewallace New Member

    Plugshare is the best option. I have found it reliable and accurate across Canada and down the west coast. What I do before I drive for the day, I plan stops, charging and where to eat along the way. Then there are no worries whatsoever.
  14. CodysEv

    CodysEv New Member


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