Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP Platform presentation video

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by Domenick, Dec 1, 2020.

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  1. Starting today at 7:00 PM, Hyundai is presenting info about its E-GMP platform that it will be using for electric vehicles for its assorted brands. Check it out below. (hopefully the URL will be good for after the live show as well)

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  3. Very impressed.
    One feature that caught our attention is - Vehicle to Vehicle Charging. The possibilities are endless! "Hey, buddy! Got enough for a top up?". This might be a standard question by EV owners who are short on charge, when they meet a friend who has an E-GMP Hyundai :)
    Integrated charging control is really cool. Hyundai claims that the car can operate a mid-sized air conditioner unit and a 55-inch television for up to 24 hours!

    Integrating the motor, inverter and EV transmission into one unit might be more efficient but we wonder how repairable that would be. Also diagnosing issues in these components also might be something Hyundai would have looked at.
    Lets hope the new platform is more reliable.
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