Hyundai electric plus Ioniq

Discussion in 'Hyundai IONIQ Electric' started by Action Jack, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    How come none of the discussion on this forum talks about the Hyundai Ioniq electric plus. I have just purchased one and it seems to have a lot of things about it that none of the other plug ins have. I.e. 6 speed dual clutch tranny .
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  3. Good question!
    I don't know of any other owners on the may very well be the first.

    So, since none of us know anything about the car -- it's been completely off my radar -- I hope you might be able to fill us in.

    What sort of all-electric range (AER) are you getting? How about mileage after the battery is depleted?
  4. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    I am getting between 28 and 36 milesAER and just over 51mpg at about 65 mph in nice weather. (55 to 85 degrees).This is a Hyundai Ioniq electric plus limited. I live in Sarnia Ontario and am retired so I rarely drive more than 20 to 30miles in any day unless I travel out of town or on a vacation trip.
    This car is perfect for me and I intend to drive to California this fall to visit for a month there. I should really know a lot more about mileage, range and regen characteristics after crossing the Rockies both ascending and descending. For example it is about 40 miles from Reno to the Donner Pass Summit (@7000 ft) and then 45 miles down to Sacramento where it is 16 ft above sea level at the Sacramento River. There are also some steep passes in Wyoming and Nevada that I have driven over many many times and I am quite interested to see the performance and overall results of a plug in hybrid as to gas/electric use and regen properties.
    The Hyundai Ioniq seems to be the only one so far with an actual transmission vs a CVT. It performs pretty well in sport mode and Hyundai’s Eco Das system really guides you on exactly how to get the most out of the hybrid system.
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  5. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    Sorry. I meant to type 85 miles down into Sac.
  6. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    This is a warm weather car. OK for California, but without a PTC electric heater or heat pump it's a huge disappointment up here in the Pacific Northwest. The car will need to run the gas engine just to supply cabin heat, which is the worst design you could possibly use for cabin heating.

    Until Hyundai/Kia pulls their heads out of their fannies, and installs a PTC electric heater or heat pump, I don't see the point in making a PHEV version of this car. Is there any other manufacture besides Hyundai/Kia that doesn't use a PTC electric heater or heat pump?
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  8. Just to make sure everyone's on the same page, "Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters are self-regulating heaters that run open-loop without any external diagnostic controls. While traditional fixed-resistance heaters employ wires and coils to generate heat, PTC heaters use conductive inks printed on thin, flexible polymer-based substrates. Scoring high on reliability and efficiency, they are ideal for products that require safer, faster and more uniform heating. The properties of the material allow the PTC heater to act as its own sensor, eliminating the need for any external feedback controls. As a result, the heater inherently eliminates the risk of overheating."

    So, this seems to be one aspect where the car could be a bit better, or at least burn less gas. We shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water. If an owner's gas usage is greatly diminished, it's still better than the constant gas-burning alternative. Yeah, it may be frustrating if they don't have this for some, but we shouldn't let the perfect be the enemy of the good when we are surrounded on all sides by the bad, which is the actual enemy. (If that makes any sense)
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  9. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    This is so bad that I hate driving my Sonata plugin 8 months a year. Is this the experience that Hyundai/Kia wants for their customers?

    A PHEV should be able to run in EV mode in the spring, winter, and fall
    without needing the gas engine to heat the interior of the vehicle. This design is so bad that I can't think of another manufacture that uses it.

    The whole point of a PHEV from my point of view is to drive the vehicle in EV mode 80 to 85 percent of the time with a gas backup for the other few percent. The Hyundai/Kia design fails big time!

    This car and the Sonata plugin are warm climate cars.
  10. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    Makes perfect sense to me. Here in Sarnia Ontario, I am on a latitude that is just about even with the Northern California border so we just don’t have severe winters here. I have a heated garage and the climate control usually is not needed for heat. The heated seats and heated steering wheel, which do not use that much power, only cut the range down to 24 or 25 miles which is still well above my usual daily driving and coming home for even an hour or two has been enough to top it up before I have to head out again.
    I also own a Dodge Ram Laramie Longhorn with a 395 hp 5.7 liter hemi so nothing that my Hyundai does with gasoline is more than a joke to me. As I said, I am retired, an RVer and this is a perfect 2nd vehicle for me. Temperature in Seattle tomorrow is calling for 67 or 68 degrees. Here in Sarnia it will be mid 90s and the air in the Ioniq runs from the hybrid battery so I don’t expect it to burn much gas. It is only 3/4 mile to my golf course and 2 miles to a good beach on Lake Huron. We will have a great Canada Day on the 1st, (despite the great and powerful Donald) and I hope you all have a super 4th of July. Living in a city that is 300 yards from Port Huron Michigan, we both get the advantage of 2 great fireworks displays and cross border shopping. Filled my Ram up this morning for $2.74 a gal at Kroger, bought an 18 pack of Bud, some Tyson chicken breasts and was gone from home less than 40 min. Our gas here in Sarnia $4.78 a US gallon, ($1.26 a liter), so even with the currency exchange and bridge to toll, the beer and chicken are more than free. I net well over a buck a gal saving and my Ram has a 33 US gal tank. Don’t mean to rain on your Pacific Northwest parade (pardon the pun), but I don’t really care how much the Hyundai fires up.
    By the way, I am not anti American. I am a U S Army Vietnam vet and will never have full use of my right knee compliments of Charlie and N V A regulars on Feb 7th at Camp Holloway outside Plieku in 1965.
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  11. Thanks for the extra perspective.

    BTW, I'll be celebrating Canada Day down here in Florida with a bunch of other's that live in town (I'm a dual citizen). Hoping this year will be joined by a fellow Canadian Tesla owner, which should give some of us something to talk about. :)
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  13. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    Yeah, that should make good conversation. Where are you in Fla? We winter near Clermont on 192 about 6 miles from Disney just where 192 ends at US 27.
  14. I'm in Tallahassee, the Big Bend area, as they call it. Been here since 2000, lived in Montreal, Fredericton, Moncton, and Toronto previously.
  15. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    I really enjoyed riding the St Marks to Tallahassee bike trail. Great ride. Stay often at Carabelle at an RV park right on the gulf. Ho Hum RV park. If you can get a front row site, your rig is 10 to 12 feet from the water. Also good biking out on St George Island. Super oyster bar and crab shack in Carrabelle.
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  16. Hey! That's my neighborhood! Carrabelle and St. George Island are so awesome. Also, often dolphins in view by the Ho Hum RV park on the regular.

    And, just to keep things almost on-topic, I need to find out if there are chargers on St. George. I think there used to be 220-volt outlets in the State Park portion of the island, but it's been a while since I was there and would like to confirm.
  17. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    74BB87CB-3D62-4376-96E1-B02697E5303C.jpeg Hey, Dominick, my wife and I also ride and travel with electric bicycles. They are regular 21 speed Trek outfitted with BionX electric motors and lithium ion batteries. I do not remember seeing charging outlets on St George but it has been 3 years since we rode out to the State apark on the east end of the island.
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  18. Living the dream! Those bikes look fine too. Wish I could talk my wife into riding.
  19. Action Jack

    Action Jack New Member

    Hey Domenick, if u get a chance, Google up and read about these bike motors and battery. I guarantee, one ride and your wife would be hooked. My wife weighs about 125 and her bike is good for about 80 miles on a single charge. I weigh 220 and can only get about 60 miles but that is lots for an all day ride on the Florida rails to trails paved bike paths. The charger is small and light(can carry easy in pouch behind the seat) and they charge full from empty in about 3 hours.
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  20. lala31

    lala31 New Member

    I should really know a lot more about mileage, range and regen characteristics after crossing the Rockies both ascending and descending. For example it is about 40 miles from Reno to the Donner Pass Summit (@7000 ft) and then 45 miles down to Sacramento where it is 16 ft above sea level at the Sacramento River

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