Hybrid Pacifica Hell

Discussion in 'Fiat/Chrysler' started by Pacifica_2018_, Feb 26, 2020.

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  1. Pacifica_2018_

    Pacifica_2018_ New Member

    I bought a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 1 year and 7 months ago. It was great for 12 months. My wife was in a small fender bender. No airbags deployed and no one was injured. Replaced parts were hood, passenger headlight, bumper, and a connector to the radiator (the electrical system radiator not the engine).

    We got the vehicle back after the repairs were completed and drove the vehicle for about 500 miles/10 days. My wife was coming up to a stoplight and the engine shut down, many check engine lights came on and the vehicle stopped in place. She eventually restarted it in limp mode under electrical power only, no engine. She limped it to a parking lot where it was towed back to the dealer that completed the previous work. This happened in early September, 2019. They still have the vehicle. Writing this on 2-26-2020.

    Since September they have replaced a PIN module (drive controller) and the transmission. The transmission was put on backorder until the end of April so we had to escalate with Chrysler to get one before that date. That was a serious hassle and without some assistance from folks that we know that have a background in the auto industry, we would still be waiting for the trans to get shipped. The vehicle is still not operational and is showing the same codes as before. Chrysler got the insurance company to pay for the transmission and the PIN module somehow. The insurance company is now going back to Chrysler to pay for the transmission due to the 10 day/500 miles we drove after getting the vehicle back. The dealer has gone back and forth testing and reporting with Chrysler and they want to replace the PIN module again under warranty to see if that fixes it. Chrysler has decided to send them a new transmission. Yes, the dealer is requesting a module and Chrysler is sending them a new (second) transmission.

    The dealer has been great about getting us a vehicle to borrow but it’s been 3 different Jeep Compass. They require we return it before it hits a certain mileage. We bought a minivan for a reason. The dealer cant fix the van though and Chrysler doesn’t seem to know what the heck is going on at all. I don’t know what else to do at this point.

    This whole thing is a mess. The insurance company won’t put any more money into the car and they wont total it out because its not accident related, which I agree with. You don’t drive 500 miles then have an accident related issue pop up. The dealer has done what they can to diagnose it but have come up empty. Chrysler has already said it doesn’t qualify for a buyback, so that doesn’t seem to be an option. Chrysler doesn’t know what the hell they are doing anymore apparently and cant even send the parts a dealership orders. Any ideas on how to escalate this?
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  3. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    Just because Chrysler told you it was not eligible for a buyback doesn't mean that is the case.
    Different States have different lemon laws. Check what your States requirements are. This will almost certainly require an attorney to resolve as you have two parties pointing the finger at each other for blame.
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  4. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    I got in what I thought was a just-bodywork collision with my PacHy a month ago, and I just got a call that they are now waiting on a new battery control module (?) from Chrysler. This was just a dent/scrape on the right passenger door and right back quarter panel, so my guess is that these cars really hate sitting around.

    ETA: They disconnected all the EV stuff to do the welding, and when the plugged everything back together, it threw a bunch of codes.
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  5. papab

    papab Member

    Sound like my experience with a Ram Promaster. I won't buy another Fiat/Chrysler product
  6. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    Amazingly, Chrysler seems to have paid for a brand-new battery pack for my Pacifica after they couldn't get it running again after doing some welding bodywork on it. I'm glad they're standing by their product, but what an expensive problem for them! Hopefully I get the minivan back tomorrow...
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  8. Spoonman.

    Spoonman. Member

    Ignore the above, please, the person on the phone was mixed up. They just replaced the 12-volt, but I have the PacHy back and it seem to be working fine. Domenick, could you delete or strike-out my post above so there isn't wrong information on the board?

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