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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jray19, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. jray19

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    Let me first say I have been very pleased with the HVAC system to date. The AC is quick to cool and the heat very quick (much faster than an ICE but with the loss of range). Probably the best auto setting control of any car I've had. In the winter I set the heat at 62 Auto and it pretty much worked great. However, in the last week or so with outside temps in the 30-50 range I'm not getting heat at the 62 degree Auto setting and often am getting cold air from the center dash vents. The center vents never did anything in Auto setting in the winter all hot air came from side vents, windshield vent. I can get warm air from the car but now seem to have to push the temperature higher.

    To me it seems like the interior temp sensor may be an issue. Anyone else experience anything like this?
  2. fotomoto

    fotomoto Active Member

    Have you recently begun using ECON mode?
  3. jray19

    jray19 New Member

    No I have not been using ECON mode just stay in standard EV mode.
  4. KentuckyKen

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    I always reach for the low hanging fruit first.
    Have you tried just increasing the auto temperature setting until you get the warm air you want. You can also hit the climate button and select where you want the air blown.
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  5. insightman

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    Pardon me for being a stickler, but there is no "standard EV mode" that you can select. If your Clarity PHEV is not in ECON Mode or SPORT Mode, then it's in NORMAL Mode. ECON Mode does reduce the power of the climate-control system somewhat, but if you're in NORMAL Mode or SPORT Mode, then the full capabilities of the climate-control system are available to you.

    Of course, the climate-control system's thermostat is reacting to the interior temperature of the car, not the outside temps, so you may need to bring a thermometer into the car to make accurate performance comparisons. @KentuckyKen's suggestion to turn up the temperature setting until you get the heat you desire is sound advice.
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    Apologies for that. We try to prevent them from getting through, but every once in a while one will get by.
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