HVAC bug - defaults to AC when using vent

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by EnerG, Jun 9, 2019.

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  1. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Living on the coast I find it comfortable on most days to use the vents rather than wasting energy on air conditioning. Even on fairly hot days I find AC is just not needed. I select Auto-off, AC-off, Heat-off and fan blowing as needed. This is fine however a few minutes after starting the car I realize it's cold, then I notice that the AC is on. So after a few drives it sinks in that the AC defaults to ON.

    This seems inefficient for a car that is should respect energy saving.
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  3. That's weird. When it was colder here I just had everything turned off and opened the sunroof. Even more savings, but weird, I agree!

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  4. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

    I have observed that fan alone counts as AC, in that if you press Off, the fan turns off. But I haven't seen the AC light turn on after the knob is turned to start the fan.
  5. There is an auto defogger function which will engage AC if it senses moisture by the windshield. Perhaps that's why it is engaging?
  6. You have to press "off" to turn off the fan completely because pressing "driver only" off simply sends fan air to both sides instead of just the driver. With everything off there is still natural flow at speed which can only be stopped by using recirc.

    Similar to OP, I sometimes find the heat switches itself "on" after start-up, without me asking, while in fan - driver only mode. My experience has been that if the temp outside is more than 7°C colder than the dash temp setting, it just assumes I'm too stupid to save myself.
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  8. It turned on both Auto and Heat without my permission today, how annoying, but that 7 deg difference was there. Carrying on ...
    I read somewhere (here?) that when in "off" mode turning the fan speed slightly will automatically starts the fan turning. But of course the knob cannot turn it off again, requiring the "off" button. That seemed like a logical ergonomic feature at first but then I also noticed that it does the same thing when you turn the fan knob to a lower setting as well. So, the impulse to reduce cooling by turning the knob CCW may inadvertently start the fan again. Someone's not thinking ...
  9. popnfrresh

    popnfrresh Member

    Noticed same thing the other day. I had the ac on, and then turned off. Recirc on, and ac off. After a while I noticed it was blowing uncomfortably cold air. Checked the real time battery usage and the climate would spike momentarily when the compressor would kick on.

    I wonder if a OTA update would be able to update that, or is hyundai pretty much done with changes.
  10. There will not be any ota updates for our car.
    We're not owning Tesla's. If we're lucky we will get updates that will be installed by dealers. Just like Chevy did with the Bolt.

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