HV Range Fix Lag? (Also, happy with performance going up and down mountains.)

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by M.M., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. M.M.

    M.M. Active Member

    I'm pretty sure this question has already been discussed, but because of the "short" words the search function is failing me.

    I took my first Clarity road trip last week. Worked great, with the exception of the range readings, and I'm wondering if this is just lag in it self-correcting, or if the dealer didn't install the software update correctly.

    Like everybody else who bought early and drives mostly EV, my HV range showed ridiculously high numbers after the first fill. I got the software fix installed by the dealer just before the trip. The HV range estimate did gradually improve, and by the end of the trip was pretty close to accurate, but that took well over 1000 miles of nearly-all-gasoline driving--is that the experience of others who got the HV range software fix?

    Unrelated rambling story: I managed to break the EV range calculation. We were staying one mountain range over from Death Valley, which meant that every morning I'd go from about 1000' to 5000' up a >7% grade at ~60mph in HV mode, then down to below 0' altitude at a similar grade and speed in EV mode, and repeat in reverse in the evening. Driving around the valley was all in HV mode.

    The car handled this well--the ICE was noisy on the way up but had sufficient power, and on the decent in near the bottom it would refuse to go to 4 chevrons of regen due to the battery pack being hot, but I basically didn't have to touch the brakes at all and gained several bars of range. Plus, this is the first time the regen paddles actually seemed useful.

    Well, after doing this every morning and night for 3 days the battery pack went from basically empty to probably two-thirds full, and the EV range estimate had been creeping to more and more unrealistic numbers, until right near the bottom of the final hill it suddenly went to 0.0 despite having a battery pack over half full (and being happy enough to actually drive on battery).

    It eventually recovered the next day after a few short drives, but caused me a bit of panic briefly.

    On the other hand, after getting home and fully charging, EV range was showing well over 100 miles, and from the looks of it it's going to take several charges for that to correct itself to something realistic.
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