HV mode mileage and road trip observations

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JimW, Feb 17, 2018.

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  1. JimW

    JimW Active Member

    I've taken two long (300-350 mile) trips in the past two weeks. In both cases, I filled up with gas before I left and filled up on arrival. I ran in HV mode with charge showing 15 miles. HV mode maintains charge at approximately same level while cruising. It pulls battery power going uphill and restore charge going downhill. I got 41.5 gas MPG on all four legs. (This was with same amount of charge at beginning and end of trip.) I am happy with this, and this seems reasonable given the EPA highway rating is 40 MPG.

    However, the trip computer showed that I got 45.5 - 47.5 MPG, which is 11-12% higher than actual. As others have reported, the range calculations were completely wacky. At one time I showed over 650 miles range. I called Honda to report this bug, and they said to take it to dealer. I hope that they fix this in a software update. Apparently the Accord and Odyssey support OTA updates, but the Clarity does not. I find this odd for their flagship new technology car.

    As an experiment, I also ran it until the low fuel indicator lit, and then was able to put in 6.4 gallons. Since tank is only 7 gallons, the light does not turn on until you are down to 0.6 gallons.

    I found the Clarity to be a very comfortable and quiet highway car. Driving across the Smokies, I did hear the ICE revved up as it climbed the grades, but I maintained 70-75 with no problem. You can also hear the ICE when running over 80 on flat road, but at 70-75 it was barely noticeable. Oh, and I love adaptive cruise. That was big factor in wanting a new car.
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  3. brady

    brady Member

    Thanks for posting....I keep plugging mine in and going on short trips not using any gas. Now its got me wondering about gas going bad in tank ect....In OKLAHOMA we have ethanol crap in our fuel. Hoping that is NOT what the dealer used to fill up my car. That crap is awful.
  4. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Given the extremely inaccurate range estimates of the Clarity, am I the only one that finds this a bit disconcerting? It would be no big deal if range estimates were close as in most other cars, but given that the warning light doesn’t come on until you’re down to about a 1/2 gallon, you better not be in the boonies when that warning light comes on. Honda should have triggered this light at no less than 1 gallon.

    This almost becomes a form of ‘range anxiety’, which shouldn’t be in a PHEV. As I believe jdonalds said, you better keep your eye on the odometer with this car on long trips. That’s something I never recall having to do with other cars.
  5. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    That's outstanding mileage for going 70-75 mph. I got over 52 mpg going 55-65 (usually staying around 55-60) in HV. This was from two separate 200 mile loops and the gasoline usage is based on actual fill ups (clicking the filler a couple of times to make sure the tank's really full). Battery charge was about 60%. Temp. was about 30 degrees on both trips and we did have the heater on. I suspect, like with normal ICE cars, you will get the optimal mileage at 50-55 mph. I noticed by watching the energy monitor that the car constantly made adjustments between ICE running the drive wheels, to EV, to charging the battery, and all combinations of the three. For a 2 ton car that's a PHEV, I think it works really outstandingly as an HV.

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