Hummer EV renders predict its styling

Discussion in 'HUMMER EV' started by Domenick, Feb 3, 2020.

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    The exact appearance of the Hummer EV is still somewhat of a mystery despite General Motors taking out an ad for it during the Superbowl.

    InsideEVs has published a couple renders already that may give us an idea of what to expect. Check 'em out below. I'll give you my opinion in the next post. Of course, I'm happy to hear other's opinions as well.


  2. Domenick

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    Ok, so these first renderings really only serve to give us an idea of what the Hummer EV will look like once that revealed grille is incorporated into an actual vehicle.
    In the first, I feel like the wheels are too tall and exposed. I hope there's minimal overhang like this because that helps off-roading abilities. On the other hand, it's very un-aerodynamic. The top part of the render is probably pretty accurate. The teaser has the lights on the roof (even though non-commercial vehicles don't require them) I think they should have been incorporated into the roof somehow for better aero if they wanted to keep that as a style element.

    The second render has more realistic wheels and you can imagine that equipped with these the truck could be lowered via its suspension for increased range on the highway. And while the back part of the image does help us see how the front-end design works with a large vehicle, this borrows from a modern pickup and the Hummer won't exactly be that. According to my source at GM, while it's fair to call it a pickup, it's also a "one-of-a-kind" pickup. Perhaps it will be a bit like the Hummer HX concept (image below). Maybe it will have a flexible backend that can be configured as a pickup bed or an open-air 3rd row. Maybe it could have a Wrangler-like removable roof. Who knows?


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    If the renderings are true, I am disappointed. It looks like a pickup truck, not a hummer. Too much of GMC in it. I can live with the HX concept above. At $70,000 it needs to stand out from Rivian, Cybertruck, Bollinger etc. Anyway 20th May 2020 is not too far off for the revel. But dont get your hopes, it is not available till late 2020, which means competition will be there.
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