Huawei: Best Phones, Tesla: Best Cars- Same Treatment

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Both are getting similar treatment by the US. Take a look at the Huawei Mate X- its years ahead of Apple's best and well ahead of Samsung.

    Musk would probably be better off checking his assets at the door and signing the proper NDAs and then moving to a China to pick up where he left off. At least there he can add to the efforts of people trying to make progress. Apple has been standing still for 5 generations reducing its products quality and comparative tech generation after generation.

    How did we get here? Well in the case of Apple its now run by idiot rent seekers who are into something-for-nothing extraction for the further ill-gotten enrichment of parasites and lazing about resting on their laurels and mote entitlement.

    But in the case of the US and UK generally, decades ago they became the 'sponsored' proxies of two partnered mid east states. Together those states were able to turn the US and UK into proxies but it didn't keep them from becoming failed states or causing the US and UK to fail. To see this look at China. But look at the American right with its focus on dumbing down, enslaving and pimping out the US population- the right is the greatest failure US history but what do you expect from an ideology of fear, cowardice, willful ignorance and self-fulfilling weakness.

    All that PNAC Project of a New American Century idiocy was really the project to keep the fertile crescent mid east relevant in the new century, just like in the last century. The US and UK likely would have given up the idiotic fossil fuel fetish 5-7 decades ago if not for this and the carbon atmospheric carbon loading would be half what it is and the world much safer and much more prosperous. Well PNAC foreseeable and obviously failed and it was never what it was billed to be but just a conspiracy of the two sponsor states.
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    Hauwei products have been found to contain built-in spyware capabilities that send user data back to China by the US Dept of Defense. These are hardware chips that cannot be removed without destroying the device. Hence, the DoD recommends against using Hauwei products, especially for US businesses.

    Using this same technique, China infiltrated many US companies (as well as the DoD), granting them years of unfettered access by targeting Supermicro's server motherboard manufacturing process. Read the original Bloomberg article on it and see what you think. Of course everyone now denies that it happened, but I for one believe it. I work in cybersecurity, and as far as I'm concerned, China owns the internet. They won the race before anyone else even realized the race was on.

    I don't know of any similar claims against Tesla, so I don't see the comparison you are making. I agree that Hauwei products are of very good quality, but there are many good quality competitors in the phone and laptop space that don't contain spyware chips. Tesla has little to no competitors in their autopilot tech at the moment, but hopefully other car makers will catch up.

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    Well the US hired Italian Hacker Team to build a Back Orifice into its systems and for years and years it was leaking all over the place. What is the return on US intel? 1% on investment? It employees as many people as Walmart. And its busy spying on Americans. You trust the US government more than the Chinese government? At this point I don't, its needs its corruption purged.

    But the parallel is clear the totally idiotic beyond all comparison corrupt treatment by the SEC of Musk is an exact parallel to the treatment of the Huawei Executive. The US's issue with 5G is it will damage its sponsored speech enclosure toll road because it gets rid of idiocy about bandwidth limits and opens up mesh and other areas which means the US's foreign proxy masters will lose their grip on the US and UK media- part of why they hate twitter so much is it bypasses their screen and discredits them. That is what this is about. The same US/UK sponsor proxy masters don't like what Musk is doing and act against him with their captured government agencies (SEC) and captured media outlets and captured investment banks because it damages their fossil fuel economics because it not only creates direct displacement but clues the public into understanding that fossil fuels aren't even needed going forward and can't be the basis for more useless wars of preemptive aggression on behalf of of the sponsor proxy masters. The world is becoming more and more transparent and the bill is coming due for all the damage by corrupt actions coming from certain quarters. Enough transparency will lead to consensus action.

    Just look at the US and look at how fast its gone backwards and how hard since about 1970. This wasn't about 3 golden decades its about direct manipulation.
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    Now the SEC is attempting to block a hearing with the judge after they complained about more time and an addendum paperwork which was limited to 8 pages (why?) They seem always to be about trying to gag and block speech and stop due process. They don't seem to want accurate information to come forward, what ever could be the reason? This is typical from the EPA, DOE, Dept of Int, FCC, ICE all of them suck right now. It is a culture of corruption and we have to find a way to go after it direction and to get rid of this sponsored law and sponsored politicians.
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    I do not believe they are the same. Tesla is on the high end side for EV sales. However most of Huawei's phones are targeting on the low-middle end, the price are less than half of iPhone.

    The only thing looks like same, most Huawei's phones sales coming China and Tesla's sales coming from USA. But Tesla is on the high-end side, Huawei on low-middle end market.

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