How would you compare ID.4 and Kia EV-6?

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by Alex800st, Dec 20, 2022.

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  1. Alex800st

    Alex800st Active Member

    What would you choose now and why?
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  3. DaleL

    DaleL Active Member

    The Kia MSRP is similar to that of the ID.4. However, according to Kelly Blue Book, the Kia dealer Invoice Price is the same as the MSRP. This means that Kia dealers have to charge a "dealer fee". Because of the change in the law (Inflation Reduction Act), the Kia EV6 is not eligible for any of the $7,500 federal tax credit. The Chattanooga built ID.4 is. Thus on price, the ID.4 is thousands of dollars less expensive.

    The RWD EV6, with 19 inch wheels, is very efficient with an EPA rating of 310 miles. However, the AWD EV6, with 20 inch wheels, is less efficient than a similar ID.4 and even with a slightly larger battery cannot quite equal the range (252 vs. 255 miles).

    The ID.4 has 30 cubic feet of storage volume compared with the EV6's 24 cubic feet. The ID.4 has a ground clearance of 6.7 inches compared with 6.1 for the EV6.

    I'm on the ID.4 forum section, not the EV6 forum. I decided on the ID.4 over the Ford Mach e based on price and practicality. It is more of an SUV. For similar reasons I choose it over the EV6. KiaVW.jpg
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  4. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    I have an iD4 1st edition. I think it depends on pricing and ownership length. For long term ownership (e.g. 100,000 mile or so) if iD4 is at least $6000-$7000 cheaper I would choose that. Otherwise Kia. The main reason is the longer warranty on Kia which will save you money down the road.

    The main advantage of iD4 is the solid German driving feel which is very obvious from the moment you close the door.
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  5. danrjones

    danrjones Active Member

    I chose the ID4. Not to re-beat the horse, but most of it came down to price. I was able to snag a 2023 just before XMAS. Technically I also have a Pro RWD on order, but it never showed up (yet), so when my local dealer had an unsold RWD Pro S, at MSRP, I went that route. I ended up splurging for the "S" instead of just the Pro, but my wife likes it better anyway. Add in the 7500 tax credit, and I think the cost was around 39k before TTL. If I hadn't snagged that ID4 just before the new year (VW upped the prices too just after I bought) I probably would have gotten a Model Y, when the price dropped on that.

    But we are quite happy with the ID4 - it's mostly an around town and commute car, my wife mostly uses it, and she really likes it.
    As to the Kia, it was hard to find at dealers, didn't get the tax credit, and the dealers around my had huge dealer markups. I refuse to pay any dealer markup. That as they say was that. I actually originally wanted an Ioniq 5, but same issue.
  6. papab

    papab Member

    I choose the id4. For me it was the ground clearance, & nothing overwhelmingly awesome about the alternatives to make me want to deal with less ground clearance.
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  8. WA7S

    WA7S New Member

    I've had an ID4 Pro S for 10 months. Last month (while an original defect (front passenger lumbar massage) was finally being fixed) the loaner car was an EV6.

    Things I liked about the EV6 that were different:
    Heads up display, shows important info well, without having to look down to a screen.


    The nanny-minder doesn't require returning hand to the steering wheel as often.
    Vented seats: cool nicely on a hot day.
    Birds eye view of car: shows surrounding objects when maneuvering in close quarters.
    Charging: a voice announces that you are "charging", after you plug in.

    I wish the ID4 had those perks; but relative price and availability led me to the VW stable instead last year.

    I didn't drive it long enough to get fully acclimated to the controls; as with the ID4 it takes some time to learn the car's quirks. But like the ID4 I wish it were more similar to the cars of yore: more physical controls, on the dash, labeled, obvious to a driver and passenger; and fewer tucked away in on-screen menus.

    Just for context: I'm generally pleased with the ID4, though I feel strongly that VW misleads buyers about range and charging issues and winter battery limitations. In the cold part of a northern state, with long distances to drive, an owner soon learns there are hard limits to battery/range function and charging/planning ease of use. It's not yet a practical solution for ordinary consumers in these situations. (I'm an EV believer and willing to pay the early adopter prices; my spouse still refuses to even try driving it.) I didn't use the EV6 enough to compare it on those points.
  9. DaleL

    DaleL Active Member

    This is an update from my December 21, 2022 post. In January, Tesla dropped the price of the Model Y long range by $13,000. The Model Y also is eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit. In early January, VW raised the price of the ID.4 by $1,500. The Tesla Model Y long range became LESS expensive than the VW ID.4 Pro S Plus AWD that I had reserved. ($55,630 versus $57,835) Also, I had no idea as to when VW might get around to building "my" ID.4. I ordered a Model Y and took delivery just 8 days later on January 21. I am extremely pleased with the car. Tesla has since dropped the price by another $2,500. An even less expensive 279 mile range Model Y is available. On the flip side, VW dealers in my area now have ID.4s on their lots that they are discounting heavily. ($1,200 to $1,900)

    My Model Y does have a couple of drawbacks compared with the ID.4. The ride is harsher. Tesla uses a somewhat different method to obtain the EPA estimated range. It exaggerates the range by about 10%.

    Some better features in my opinion are: lower curb weight (less tire wear), faster acceleration, faster charging, longer range, power folding side mirrors, better location for charge port (driver's side).
  10. WA7S

    WA7S New Member

    Dale, congrats on your Model Y.
    My son has one. Comparing notes, we're persuaded that Tesla has a huge advantage for travelers, in their super charger system. The Electrify America system is far inferior in reliability and availability, making trips much more dicey and difficult.
    Though I didn't particularly like the feeling of his Model Y (more like a computer than a car), I would have to recommend it over an ID4 for ordinary consumers (unless they only drive locally and can charge at home).
    Of course this is in flux, with Tesla starting to open up to other manufacturers and plugs. And who knows, maybe EA will eventually become a more reliable system for travelers.
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