How/where/how much to repair an EV

Discussion in 'General' started by Mike L, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. Hello!
    We're having intense discussions at our dinner table about buying an EV next year. One of my wife's concerns is repairs. We've been fortunate for 10 years to have our dealership 10 mins away, and a variety of other repair shops in the neighborhood.

    I know you'll say that EVs need less maintenance, but when they do need maintenance where can you take them? Am I limited to the dealership (30+ mins away)? Is there anything beyond tire replacement/alignment that a local shop can help with? What are some repairs you've needed, and how did they go?
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  3. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    Basically you have to go to the dealership for the vast majority of things. Any local shop can do tire maintenance, such as rotating and balancing the tires. But they may not carry the low rolling resistance (softer) tires that most EVs use should you need to buy new tires. I would think they could also replace brake pads, but I'm not sure of that. Your brake pads will last a lot longer thanks to regenerative braking.

    There are also several things you can do yourself, such as replacing windshield washer fluid and (eventually) replacing the 12V battery.

    30 mins away would be luxurious for us! Our closest Nissan dealership is 2+ hours away, we have to quick charge just to get there!

    Lower need for maintenance is one of the main reasons to buy an EV, in my opinion, even if you have to drive a bit further to get to your dealership, you'll make far fewer trips than you would with an ICE car, so in the long run I think you'll come out ahead.

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