How to leverage Tesla setup for Level 2 SE charging?

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by JoeC, Sep 22, 2021.

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  1. JoeC

    JoeC New Member

    Hi all,

    I have ordered an SE which should be arriving in a month or two. I am trying to figure out my home charging situation. I think that 95% of the time I will only travel 25 miles per day and thus can rely on Level I charging overnight through the included cable and a normal 110 outlet.

    Maybe once a month or so, I will travel more and/or need faster charging. I am trying to determine how to get Level 2 charging with minimal investment given that I will not need it frequently. We also have a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. We charge it using the Mobile Connector plugged into a 240V NEMA 14-30 outlet connected to a 30A breaker. We use this 1-2 times per week to charge the Tesla.

    Is anyone in a similar situation? If so, do you have a recommendation for potentially leveraging the Tesla setup instead of purchasing a new EVSE and requiring additional electrical work? I assume that there are a few options:

    - Adapter that enables connection between Tesla Mobile Connector and Mini charging port
    - New cable/EVSE that connects Mini to NEMA 14-30
    - Other??

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. polyphonic

    polyphonic Well-Known Member

    I use TeslaTap at hotels. Should work great for your situation.
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  4. Jim In Tucson

    Jim In Tucson Well-Known Member

    For the non-Tesla literate, can the TeslaTap simply be used by anyone at a Tesla destination charger? Or do you need to also be a registered Tesla owner?

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  5. polyphonic

    polyphonic Well-Known Member

    Yep, anyone. The owners don't seem to mind or even notice and there is no networking capability IIRC.
    There might be some edge case issues with certain cars and chargers. Some e-tron owners found that it would cycle the Tesla wall unit relays nonstop, wearing them out. That was more of an Audi problem though and the only issue I am aware of.
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  6. F14Scott

    F14Scott Well-Known Member

    Concur. The Tesla to J1772 adapters, including the Tesla Tap and, the one I use daily, the Lectron, allow connection from all Tesla connectors EXCEPT Superchargers. I've never seen a Tesla destination connector with any kind of metering system, pay, timer, or otherwise. Superchargers all require a financial handshake, destination connectors don't.

    I charge my SE with a 2nd Gen HPWC on a 60 Amp breaker. The car pulls ~32 Amps. It's perfectly plug and play: no fiddling with controls or cycling anything. Just turned 12,000 miles and charge at home 99% of the time.
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  8. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Your Lectron link didn't work, so I went to Lectron here. Why did you choose the Lectron vs the Tesla Tap?
  9. F14Scott

    F14Scott Well-Known Member

    It was on Amazon. I didn't learn of the Tesla Tap until later. I bought a second, one to keep on the Tesla nozzle as pictured, and the other for in the car.
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  10. GvilleGuy

    GvilleGuy Well-Known Member

    I, too, purchased the Lectron. It is a solid piece of kit. Well made. I've used it at a dentist office public Tesla charger, as well as a Tesla charger at a friend's house. No problems.
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  12. JoeC

    JoeC New Member

    Thanks for all of the great info. Seems like the adapters are simple and not too much $.
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  13. F14Scott

    F14Scott Well-Known Member

    If you can use a power strip, you're a qual for the adapters mentioned. Your Tesla mobile connector on your 30 Amp breaker will deliver 24 Amps to your SE (and to your Tesla, for that matter), which will take the SE from 10% to full in about five hours. Other than the adapter, you truly have no need for any more EVSE.
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