How the heck do you answer the phone when using Android Auto?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Bonita Mike, Sep 16, 2019.

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  1. Bonita Mike

    Bonita Mike New Member

    Just about the first thing when I got my Niro EV home was link my phone (Note 9 w/ Android Auto) and it worked as expected using the buttons on the steering wheel. Then I set up Android Auto (and UVO link) so I could use Navigation and the other "fun" stuff that is part of Android Auto. Now when the phone rings the steering wheel buttons don't work with the Android Auto Phone App and I can't answer the phone no matter what I do other then disable Android auto, usually by unplugging the USB Cable to the phone which means I lose navigation and have to fumble with the touch screen while trying to drive. By then the caller has hung up. Is there a way to actually answer (and hangup) the phone easily and safely when using Android Auto???
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  3. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    I just touch to big 'Answer' button within Android Auto on the main infotainment screen and it works fine. I think the phone button on the steering wheel is for the Kia software (when not connected to Android Auto).
  4. I put the question out to our followers on Twitter, and this was probably the most helpful response:
    "All the steering wheel buttons work fine for me using AA. Can Answer, decline and end call with the buttons. Check that you're running the latest version. Big update a couple of weeks ago."
  5. I can confirm, the steering wheel buttons to control calls works 100% with Android Auto. I use them all of the time. One thing to note though, when you press the answer button on the steering there is a short delay to when the caller can hear you. I use the latest version of Android Auto and this seems to be related because previously this was not the case; at least not to this extent.
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  6. Bonita Mike

    Bonita Mike New Member

    # # #​
    So, here is what I found out from a phone call from Niro UVO Support. There is a setting in the Android Auto App (on your phone) that screwed it up. If you go into "Settings" in the App (You have to tap on "Settings" twice to get to) you will see an option under "Phone Screen Settings" to "Use Bluetooth." If like me you thought it meant for Android Auto in the car to connect to Android Auto on your phone via Bluetooth instead of having to use USB you will have the same problem I did (there are no instructions, so why wouldn't you think that?) Leave "Use Bluetooth" OFF or TURN IT OFF and answering the phone will work as expected with the buttons on the steering wheel. There is (apparently) for Android Auto to work without plugging a USB cable in and out of your phone. Hopefully the connector won't wear out.

    It does make me wonder what "Use Bluetooth" does. Perhaps it does something when you have opted to spend the extra $5,000 for the more expensive Niro EV model.
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