How reliable is the Hondalink app for you?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Mark W, Sep 28, 2018.

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  1. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Just did that, Richard. It found my car but odometer still says Nov 12. Maybe it will fix itself later. Thanks for the tip.
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  3. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    Sorry it didn't help. Humming your favorite song wouldn't hurt when you try again.

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  4. MNSteve

    MNSteve Well-Known Member

    I think you have to whistle Dixie.
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  5. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    Happy Trails, maybe.
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  6. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    So Honda Link worked fine for me for a couple weeks. Today it has erased my car. Let’s me log on and asked for Vin again. Provided. Of course car is already registered. So It sent an access code to the car which I was supposed to enter in the phone to verify my car. But The stupid app doesn’t provide a functional keyboard with enough digits to enter the code. No zeros, 7s or 8s on the dang screen! But the code contains those digits! Wife’s app is still working on her phone she is listed as a secondary driver and I’m primary. But As primary person I cannot logon and do anything. Honda only supports the app during business hours so I can’t call the this evening. Funny thing is it’s still sending “charging stopped” alerts to my phone no prob. But that’s all it gets. I’m annoyed. Might try calling Honda tomorrow.
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  8. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    Today wife’s phone dropped the car also. Can’t fix it. Honda Link tech support doesn’t answer phone their computer just puts you on indefinite hold.
  9. Ray B

    Ray B Active Member

    The HondaLink servers appear to be down today.
  10. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    ditto for me.
  11. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    Lol well of ALL the days for me to actually try to call them for assistance....

    Murphy’s law. I will give them a 2nd chance to take my call maybe tomorrow. Wife’s is back and working. Mine is still dead and I think unrelated to their server outage.

    Gotta say it would have been awful nice of them to have an automated recording that simply said “high call volume, servers down”, or whatever like most companies would do. Rather than 2 rings and “please hold for next operator”....for 30 minutes before I hung up. That still ticks me off.
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  13. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    Servers up again!
  14. Clarity_Newbie

    Clarity_Newbie Active Member

  15. DVoran

    DVoran Member

    The HL link stopped working today. After several repeated attempts I called the support line and they told me the entire Honda Link system was down and it might be 24-48 hours before it’s up. That was 4 hours ago. Just checked and it’s back up. Any others have the same experience?
    Coincidentally, my Clarity refused to let any of the ChargePoint L2 EVSE’s at work service my car. Had to use ICE most of the way home as I can’t make it to work and back on a single charge now that the weather is below freezing. Really a bummer. Plugged in at home and it worked fine.

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  16. Robert_Alabama

    Robert_Alabama Well-Known Member

    Worked in the morning for me, not in the afternoon... seems to be working fine now.
  17. Mine seemed to be offline all day, came back up this evening.
  18. Ray B

    Ray B Active Member

    There are probably 3 main things that can go wrong in updating the data of the HondaLink app. 1) Honda's servers could be down; 2) there could be a SNAFU in the app; 3) the car could have trouble connecting to the server due to a weak cell signal. Here's my advice as to figuring out what the problem is and how to resolve it if possible.

    Scenario 1 - Honda's servers are down

    How to know: log out of the app (hit the 'home' icon and then the person icon and sign out) and then try to log back in. If the servers are down it will not allow you to log back in. Also, like today's apparent server outage, several people will mention it on the forums.

    How to resolve: no option but to wait for Honda to fix them. They appear to have gone offline several times in the past few weeks, for a few hours each time.

    Scenario 2 - Something wrong with the app on your device

    How to know: Some fields update and others do not (the servers would have to be receiving and sending data out if some fields are getting updated info); app fails to get updates on one device, but other devices connect without an issue; seems to not update for long periods of time, and people on the forum here are not discussing it as an active widespread issue.

    How to resolve: if using Android, go to settings > Apps and find the HondaLink app on the list and then select it and hit 'Storage' and then tap 'Clear Data'. When you restart the app it will force you to log in again, but it should resolve the issue. Not sure how to resolve it on Apple devices; possibly need to delete the app and reinstall it.

    Scenario 3 - Car is not updating data to the HondaLink server due to a weak cellular connection

    How to know: Scenario 1 and 2 do not appear to apply or the fixes do not resolve the problem. The UI display may show low/no signal.

    How to resolve: If you are in an area where this is a chronic problem, there may not be an easy fix. Some cases, there may have been a server hiccup when the car attempted to send data (like when it was shutting down). Try turning the car on for a moment and then after it fully boots up, shut it down and it should re-send data. If the connection is strong enough it may resolve itself. Otherwise, you may have to wait until the car gets into a better reception location, or set up a wifi connection (?).

    Just brainstorming here. I may be missing some facts, or obvious alternatives, but this is what I have deduced from my occasional problems with HondaLink failing to update.
  19. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    FWIW, mine would not update even after the server came back up. I even tried the suggestion to log out and back in and it let me but would not update. I then turned the car off and on and then it would update.
    Hope this helps.
  20. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    My issue has nothing to do with simply not updating. It has forgotten my car. I can log on and it knows my ID and password. And it still randomly gives me “charge stopped” updates. But that’s it. The App otherwise says there is no car associated with my App and it asked for vin again. But it won’t accept my vin when I renter it without the access code that was sent to my car. Now it’s stuck on a screen that says “resume activation”. If I hit it it asks me to enter a 7 digit code with digits between 0 and 9. But it only allows me to type 2 thru 6! All other numbers are invisible or greyed out. Basically full blown meltdown of the app on my iphone. Deleting and reinstalling app didn’t do anything gets stuck at same spot every time.
  21. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    15 mins on hold today to get a human. He was semi helpful and acknowledges seeing errors in communications and coding in my account, and he escalated to expert programmers to figure out why and how to fix as he says this is clearly not a user error nor a problem with my iPhone. He says the programmers will usually try to push fix over the air to the car, but might need me to do something on my end and they will call me if I need to link my phone the car or whatever. I have an open ticket and they are supposed to call me back within 3 days or sooner. Will report back how this goes. Wife’s phone still working fine with HondaLink. Mine is not and I’m the primary. It’s all wierd. Pending. Stay tuned.
  22. Atul Thakkar

    Atul Thakkar Active Member

    Mine App is stuck on Nov 21 and since then it is nor updating nor remote climate starting works. I have followed above instruction and logged on again , but same thing, no luck. Let's see once my phone goes near the car and see if that changes anything.
  23. Richard_arch74

    Richard_arch74 Active Member

    What happens with your HL app when you try to "locate car"?

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