HondaLink Registration woes - solved!?!

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Heino, Sep 9, 2018.

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  1. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    Fellow Clarity Owners,

    I think I may have figured out a solution to the HondaLink registration issues some of us have mentioned here on the forums.

    Being bored this morning, and still upset that my HondaLink app still does not work after more than a week of Clarity ownership - I decided to do some poking around on Honda's websites.

    While going to and logging into my account, I noticed my vehicle was listed.

    2018-09-09 10_03_40-HondaLink_ Connectivity for Smart Phones and Honda Vehicles.png

    However, the title said "Select your Vehicle" - which on the website was grayed out. I then decided to click on +ADD VEHICLE, which took me to the next screen where I entered my vehicle VIN number.

    2018-09-09 10_04_40-HondaLink_ Connectivity for Smart Phones and Honda Vehicles.png

    Once I entered my VIN, I received the following error message.



    "Please contact support to update to review and update your profile. Please make sure you have registered a first and last name"

    That error message got me to thinking... where do I currently have a Honda profile?

    I remember I setup an account on a while ago. So I head there and try to remember my login credentials. As it turns out, these are the same for the account I registered on the HondaLink app.

    Could these accounts possibly be linked together? My curiosity grows further.

    I check the My Account settings, where I see that I am missing both my first and last name under the settings. Email address, username and security questions are all populated.

    I complete my profile and hit save.

    Move back to my HondaLink app and try again... Nothing. :(

    I continue clicking through my HondaLink app, and look at my vehicle information screen.

    2018-09-09 10_18_41-File Sep 09, 10 13 50 AM.png

    I select the person icon which brings up the next screen, with my personal profile.

    edit_2018-09-09 10_15_54-File Sep 09, 10 14 31 AM.png

    On this screen I notice only my Honda ID and email address are filled out. I edit the name field and save my info.

    At that point I move back to the main screen where I try to resume activation again. I enter my zipcode, and create a personal pin. This time though... SUCCESS!!

    Activation in Progress!

    File Sep 09, 10 52 13 AM.png

    It appears these activation woes are indeed tied to incorrect account information. I would recommend to anyone who is having issues activating their app, to try the steps above.

    A call to Honda customer support may not even be necessary anymore, if the app simply looks for the Honda account information, which one can edit online.

    I hope this write-up helps. I'm so excited to finally get to use the app with my Clarity! Yay!
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  3. Heino

    Heino Active Member

    I was just able to confirm.. the app is now activated!

    I'm a happy camper now, as this was the only real issue I have had with my Clarity so far. :D

    File Sep 09, 11 54 28 AM.png
  4. ClarityDoc

    ClarityDoc Active Member

    Great post!!!
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