Hondalink problems connecting to head unit

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Cycledawg, May 15, 2019.

  1. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    My android phone has no problem connecting to the car. When I click the hondalink on the home screen , sometimes it connects fine and gives me the weather, vehicle details, etc. Sometimes, it doesn't connect and says that I need to 'connect with hondalink' or 'connect with wifi' If I click on one, it says refer to the instructions to connect....even though i know my phone is connected because i am listening to music via my phone. If I reset the head unit, sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn't. Other times, it can be connected....then 10 minutes later it can be disconnected. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Arthur Picard

    Arthur Picard New Member

    I had the same problem after last Honda link update. I found that in app permissions I had to enable permission to storage.
  3. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    thanks....i'll give it a shot!
  4. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member perfectly now! did you manage to figure that out?
  5. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    Unfortunately the same issue is back again! I thought it was fixed.
  6. MarkClarity

    MarkClarity Active Member

    There is a new (android) version updated from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 out today with the generic "Minor bug fixes and usability enhancements".

    Maybe it fixes the issue.
  7. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    Thanks...I updated but unfortunately periodically have the same issues. ;)
  8. Spring_Clarity

    Spring_Clarity New Member

    Same issues here with iOS on iPhone 7.
    I really REALLY want to like this car and I do, but having the remote climate option work from the app would seal the deal in these Texas Summers. I know you are dealing with Android, so I will post my woes separately.
    Wish this feature got more attention.
  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    My iPhone 7 with past and latest OS is working fine. It preconditions but sometimes takes up to several minutes to begin. It worked flawlessly this winter every morning on a schedule and a couple of times this summer on manual. You have to be patient and not do anything to cause it to stop like opening the driver’s door and maybe unlocking but not sure on that last. And you have to realize that if the inside and outside temperatures don’t match the algorithm, then it won’t work.
    Here is the chart and explanation of how it decides to work. (First posted by @jdonalds, I think)

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  10. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    Am I the only one experiencing periodic connection issues with the head unit. I can always see the charge and have no problem with the climate control, but periodically have trouble sending a location to the car and seeing the says it's not connected even though my phone is playing via Bluetooth....any ideas?
  11. HondaLink has lost its mind...[​IMG]

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  12. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    Not sure if this is related to this issue, but I have found that if I program climate control for a set time (while I have a cell signal), but when I'm in the basement of my office building (with zero cell phone reception), the scheduled climate control will never start successfully.

    Any possibility this issue is related to the cell phone signal at the time the climate control is supposed to start?
  13. Spring_Clarity

    Spring_Clarity New Member

    Still not working nor had any more success in troubleshooting.
    I get to a point where the app says:
    “Sending command”
    “Contacting Server”
    “Connecting to Vehicle”
    “Awaiting Response”
    “Waking vehicle”
    “Retrieving status”
    Status updating...”
    “Unable to receive a response from the vehicle at this time. Maybe it is in an area of no coverage.”

    But!!!!!! I can get it’s location from the app.
    I can get notifications when the charging has stopped and is complete.
    How is that possible if the coverage is poor?
    I just don’t understand how this isn’t working.
  14. MNSteve

    MNSteve Well-Known Member

    I don't have a solution or even a troubleshooting idea. But I wanted to point out that the stuff that is working is based on communication initiated by the car. The stuff that is not working is dependent on being able to initiate an incoming connection to the car. One would think that if you have coverage, that you have coverage in both directions. Maybe the clue is in "Waking vehicle". Once it goes to sleep it's not possible to establish an incoming connection, perhaps because of some misconfiguration somewhere (not necessarily anything you control)? Or maybe it's those sleeping pills you dropped into the gas tank.
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  15. Spring_Clarity

    Spring_Clarity New Member

    Maybe I just need to shake the mess out of it and wake it up?!?! Or throw some ice cold water on it?
  16. Cycledawg

    Cycledawg Member

    This is completely boggling. Sometimes it works and gives me the weather....sometimes it doesn't...even on the same trip. My climate control works most of the time. Sending a destination to the car via hondalink works once in a long while. Most times it says I need to connect to the vehicle......but for some reason....I can get the location and the charge status and go figger!

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